Niedorezo Design Group Inc. Design fabrication and service of art objects

Niedorezo Design Group specializes in the creation of timeless objects with which to build your environment. From conceptualization sketching and idea generation through consulting in the design stages, to fabrication - our technically advanced artisans can craft whatever your imagination can conceive. Because we apply old-world tradition in the creation of our art, we focus on the restoration and preservation of existing works as well. We design, fabricate and service all art objects. Our clients include towns, companies, museums, property owners and private sector as well.

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With over half a century in collective work experience, Niedorezo Design Group creates as well as maintains fine art. Projects big and small: Weather its a painting, custom furniture or the repair and restoration of existing art, we specialize every stage of the process. NDG is insured and bonded.

Creation to Preservation

From the hands that created them, through the hands of experts, fine art has survived since antiquity. Careful analysis, documentation, repair and preservation is key in preserving our artistic heritage.

Our multidisciplinary team specializes in the industry's foundation services:

  • Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Restoration
  • Tuck-pointing
  • Damage Repair
  • Conservation
  • Dutchman Repairs
  • Cemetery Maintenance
  • Design
  • Fine Art Creation
  • Faux Finish
  • Gold Leaf
  • Design
  • Consultation & planning


A scrupulous approach to provenance, heritage and environment versus time is observed. Current circumstances of each piece are assessed, past reparations are discovered. This pivotal step allows for an expert look through time from the perspective of each art piece. With unique history and ownership, each art object acquires a unique history of its own.


To restore an art piece to its original splendor, we document our findings. Documentation serves the purposes of further repairs, as well as historical evidence for future generations that will undertake care and maintenance of the object. Each step of our repair is carefully documented and dated through notes and photography to serve as a reference to our patrons.


When more than maintenance is required, reparations to be made ar carefully planned and discussed. Multiple stages are planned using as much classical methods as possible. Our expert repairs are warranted for life* and will last as long as the objects original materials, allowing the complete piece to age gracefully through time. Find out more about our process unique to your needs by contacting us.


To ensure the lasting beauty of each and every art object, we discuss not only the present but the future of the object. The environment as well as elemental exposure vary greatly from one piece to another. Therefore when undertaking conservation efforts, we keep focus on the objects future and intended environment. With a sound plan for conservation, we ensure your objects lasting beauty.

New fine art created to order, single-built unique furniture, custom fireplaces or repair & restoration of damaged artwork - we are honored to hear from you.


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