Update | August 2023

Welcome to our Institute Update August 2023! We are experiencing a quite successful year until now, involved in several research projects and initiating and developing new technical assistance and capacity-building projects. We are therefore happy to share that the Institute was selected for another research project focusing on decarbonisation of urban regeneration interventions in Europe, starting October 2023. Exciting times ahead! This new Update is giving the latest activities on our current research and technical assistance projects CityxChange, VARCITIES, JUSTNature, DUST, PLUSCHANGE, UP2030, and Down-to-Earth. We are also looking for technical support related to auditing services. Enjoy!


+CityxChangeJoin our Final Event from 3rd to 5th October in Trondheim for a series of insightful sessions on the future of Positive Energy Districts and communities. During the event we will share implementation experiences and lessons learned from our project, as well as take you on site visits to the two PEBs in Trondheim at Brattøra and Sluppen.
VARCITIES: VARCITIES and its seven Pilot Cities are preparing the launch of its open data platform, a new ICT tool that will support data monitoring for green and healthy cities! Look forward to its launch in the coming months! VARCITIES was also present at the World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen in early July to present its approach to green healthy cities! Project partners will meet in Leuven in September for the 6th project meeting and attend the 12th HEPA Europe Conference on Health! Interested in nature-based solutions and ICT? Visit VARCITIES' website to discover more!
JUSTNatureJUSTNature will be featured in the European Week of Regions and Cities on 10 October, and all partners will join in the 4th project meeting in Leuven on the same day until 13 October in Leuven. We are completing the project's second year and experiencing successful stories from our consortium. Sign up for the newsletter coming up at the end of August!
DUST: In the DUST project, we are busy laying the groundwork for the Regional Future Literacy Labs (RFLLs) that will take place with the least engaged communities in the case study regions. This means exploring the positionality of partners in DUST, understanding existing narratives in the regions, and collecting community-based stories and accounts. Visit the DUST website and follow the project's progress!
PLUS Change: PLUS Change commenced with a highly successful kick-off meeting held in Prague from June 12th to 14th, where we gathered with the other consortium participants to introduce the project, present the 12 diverse case studies and establish the activities and objectives to be achieved over the project's four-year timeline. Stay tuned for updates from the project, including the official launch of our website that will happen soon, and be sure to give us a follow on our new social media accounts!
UP2030: Since the launch of UP2030 on January 1st, 2023, workshops have been actively progressing across the 11 pilot cities, uncovering key insights on their needs, barriers and drivers toward climate neutrality. Stay tuned for updates and future events on the UP2030 website as we continue breaking barriers and supporting cities in driving the socio-technical transitions required to meet their climate neutrality targets!



The first semester of Down to Earth was very eventful! Following a public Kick-Off Conference in Santiago de Compostella, regional partners are organising stakeholder meetings to discuss the topic of Year 1, "Environmental risks related with depopulation and ageing population in rural areas". The partnership will travel to Campobasso, Italy, in September to discover how the municipality addresses this topic! Interested in sustainable rural development? Visit the Down to Earth website and give us a follow!



Last June, we were in Nürtingen, Germany, for the final WAVE Intensive Study Programme!

Together with WAVE partners, we guided students from all over Europe in their efforts to adopt a landscape perspective to envision alternative futures for the Tiefenbach Valley in Nürtingen. WAVE Multiplier Event was also organised as part of the Landscape Forum from 27th June - 1st July, where the project's final output was presented! Look forward to more information on the final outputs on our website soon!


At the Isocarp Institute, we are able to draw on the diversity of expert voices in our network to stay at the forefront of developments in inclusive and sustainable urban development. It is thanks to this capacity that we are in the process of developing new services based on novel methods for citizen and stakeholder engagement using storytelling. Through targeted advisory and solutions services, we aim to bring our knowledge on effective participation, co-creative ideation, and community mobilisation to various players in the urban sector. To find out more and get involved, don't hesitate to contact us!

Request for Services: Financial controller auditor

For some of our projects, we are looking for 1 external controller and 1 external auditor. Visit our website to learn more about these requests for services.


Opportunities for new partners! We are looking for new partners with whom we can work together on capacity building, research exploration, public outreach and technical assistance both in and outside of Europe. We are always open to new connections, reach out to us via email: or connect on social media