Ingoldsby Update April 2024

A quick update ahead of the Easter holidays...

Are you Prepared to Save a Life?

The Prepared to Save a Life course takes less than an hour, just five short 10 minute sections and you might be able to save someone's life! ….a friend, work colleague, mother, father, brother, sister, child…might thank you one day.

Road safety

I have received complaints regarding unsafe travel including unsafe use of restraints in vehicles, speeding and unsafe driving practice. I can only share this information with you and local services but would appreciate it if we could all work together to keep our lovely community safe.

Thank you to those who have supported us with using the carpark more safely. Please remember, even with permission to use the carpark due to injury/ illness, we expect parents to refrain from driving in and out during the busiest periods by arriving early and waiting. Parents still need to exit their vehicles to collect pupils using the path provided. Please do not encourage children to walk across the carpark. We are monitoring this term to see whether these improvements sufficiently improve safety. We reserve the right to withdraw access to anyone using the space in an unsafe way.

Easter School- Year 6

9th/ 10th April- Food and drink provided.