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66 #community "Building #community for marketing freelancers, with The Growth Tribe founder Silvi Specter"

65 #leadership "Building #leadership relationships through #storytelling, with product leader Tapan"

64 #insurtech "Driver-Car Collaboration #genai: Insuring the Future, with dreyev co-founder Roberto #insurtech"

62 #creatoreconomy "AI that pays creatives, with Laetro CEO and co-founder Brett Willms" #responsibleai

61 #fintech "What drives consumers to what drives #fintech markets, with Lelex co-founder Rich Neal"

60 #genai "Korean banker avatars, with deepbrain.io CFO Michael Jung #genai"

59 #startup "Punching Above Your #Startup Weight Class with Fractional Talent, with Fractional COO, former VC & product exec Ha Nguyen"

58 #productmanagement "Driving growth with both #productmanagement and marketing data, with AppsFlyer VP of Marketing, Carolyn Bao"

57 #SOLO "Scale your side gig to $10k a month, with solopreneurship coach Nancy Chu"

56 #SALES genai sales software and fractional growth executives with Vendux co-founder Henning Schwinum

55 #ai "#genai leadership with Deloitte AI Center of Excellence leader Ruchika Israni"

54 #3d "Designing Realities: unveiling 3D marvels and Apple Vision Pro, with product leader (Shopify, FTSY) Ryan Smith"

53 #aivideo "Streamline your social media by repurposing video in 2024 with #aivideo with Minvo founder & CEO David Salib"

52 #cos "How to grow from #founder to 4X CEO w/ fractional chief of staff Anar Amin"

51 #generativeai "Fulfill your 2024 new years resolution to jumpstart your YouTube channel with #generativeai Vidiofy.ai co-founder Stacie"

50 #vc "Success hacks, community building, hashtag#AI for VC’s & portcos, with fund onesixonegroup partner Justis"

49 #solopreneur "#GenAI website builder Solo (soloist.ai), with Mozilla’s entrepreneur in residence Raj Singh

48 #FutureReady “Future Ready - train your mind to invent your tomorrow". With Former Google Innovation Evangelist & Stanford professor Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt

47 #ai "3 Ways to Leapfrog Your Competition Using #AI. With CEO, Investor, Entrepreneur Andrea Beach"

46 #education "#GenerativeAI for educators, and user research for start-ups. With DrLambda.ai Co-Founder & CPO Laura Y. Lin"

44 #creator "#GenerativeAI for creators to 5x sales with untold secrets from top selling creator @laurastevens08 & markable.ai founder & CEO Joy Tang"

42 #AIvideo "Make an #AIvideo in 15 minutes to 2X SEO & email opens. With AugXLabs.com founder Jeremy Toeman"

38 #Community "Starting a community and monetizing, with ajobslist.com co-founder Mabel Chan"

37 #1Minute "Strategic stories people will stay to the end for, with MicheleMoreno.co"

36 #Research "Do researchers need an AI service dog? With CoNote.ai co-founder James Friscia"

35 #Luxury "’Why would a client pay for that?’ with luxury SEO RifeAgency.co.uk founder Richard Nolan"

34 #AiForEveryone "AI design sprint #AiForEveryone with 33a.ai co-founder Michael Brandt & partner Sabine Joseph"

33 #CareerSearch "FDT33/Which Career Creature™ Is Sabotaging Your Tech Career?"

32 #JobSearch "Community Building & design thinking with Never Search Alone’s Emily Teter"

31 #Farmers "Empowering small business farmers with design thinking, with Trang Ho at Masa Fresh.com"

30 #Design sprints for AI chatbots with Jeroen Den Uijl, Avanade.com"

29 #GameDevelopment "No code AI game development with Benjamin Dehant"

28 #AI "Unlocking solopreneurs with AI, Matthew Walker at underdog.Ai & Bruce at Blockstrata"

27 #Experimentation "Mobile game experimentation & growth, with Product Lead Tom Storr"

26 #LEADERSHIP "Growing your career with tech leadership coach & solopreneur Larry Cornett"

25 #ProductManagement "Fake versus real leadership with Product Management Executive Steve Strauch"

24 #TrueFans "'True fans' help founders get to product market fit, with Rana"

23 #GenerativePricing "GenerativePricing AI and monetizing internal tooling, with Spresso.ai CPO Andrea Chesleigh"

22 #SALES #AI "AI for growth & sales automation with solopreneur Liam Weedon at Finnative.co"

21 #SPEAKING "Confidence on camera, & efficient video editing tools, with Deyson.com"

20 #ART & #TECHNOLOGY "Reward Fans & Creativity in the AI Age w/ Huddlr.io & Jordan Gray"

19 #CHAT "Chats for early stage hypothesis validation, with Co-founder Anil Kutty"

18 #DADS #AI "Helping dads & training AI at fatherli.com, with coach & design thinker Eric Moore"

17 #MENTOR "Scaling product teams with Chief Product Officer Eddie Sawyers"

16 #SCULPTURE "Talking to rocks without language about feelings at NationalBotanicGarden.org"

15 #INFLUENCER "Secondhand stylist, #CircularFashion enthusiast, reluctant influencer Christine Gentry"

14 #VOICE "User requested artificial intelligence products with Voicepen.ai CTO & co-founder Marina Trajkovska"

13 #DESIGN "Re-launching Adobe Express with former ContentCal cofounder Andy Lambert"

12 #A/B TESTING "A/B testing into paying clients, by CEO & Cofounder Andres Glusman (Former Product/Growth leader at Meetup)"

11 #AI Clear direction & paying customers with Edenai.co artificial intelligence CEO & founder Taha Zemmouri

10 #DEMAND Demand Tests: How & Why to use this Lean Startup Technique, with Dan Blumberg from Artium

9 #ART "Design thinking for art world disruption with Cohart CEO & co-founder Kendall Warson"

08 #BUSINESS "Business Design with Reason Street founder & CEO Jennifer van de Meer”

07 #CONSULTING "Customer-centered Product Strategy with New Haircut Founder Jay Melone"

06 #CTO "Founding team structure & user re-calibrations, with fitness tech Loyalsnap’s CTO Roger Obando"

05 #DIVERSITY "Design Thinking for Product Led Growth with BrideSquad Founder and CEO Lisa Michelle"

04 #FOUNDER "Founder insights with Chief Product Officer at Spoon, Shinyoung Park"

03 #ACCELERATOR "Product Innovation Leadership at Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Susan Velasco"

02 #DESIGN “Design Thinking roles & responsibilities for product and design, with Vistaprint Principal Designer Michelle Israel"

01 #MACHINELEARNING "Machine Learning randomness with Google PM Chris Butler"

2. Could This Be You?

The callmejz.ai podcast seeks founders and coaches who gain paying customers by talking to users
  • Demo your product or service
  • How has talking to users pivoted your business strategy?


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