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Dear Parents/Guardians

Reflecting on recent events and achievements within our School, I am delighted to share some highlights from the past few weeks.

Pi Day, celebrated on March 14, provided an opportunity for our students to test their memory skills while enjoying the mathematical festivities.

We are excited to announce that Leeming’s Interschool Swimming Team emerged victorious as the Division 3 School Sport WA Swimming Champion, showcasing the talent and dedication of our swim team students.

In Week 5, we embraced the summer vibes with a bright dress up day to raise funds for the Cancer Council.

Our recent Leadership Camp, held in Busselton, provided our students with invaluable opportunities to shape their leadership journey for years to come.

Our School Captains and I had the honour of attending a community cabinet event, where they engaged with WA Government ministers and addressed relevant questions.

Parent interviews conducted on March 5 were a success, fostering open communication and collaboration between our teachers and parents.

Our new STEM refurbishment in the Design and Technology building is progressing well and is set to be completed at the end of Semester 1, promising exciting opportunities for students.

We were delighted to host a Twilight School Tour on March 12, providing prospective families with an insight into our school’s culture, programs, and facilities.

NAPLAN testing was conducted weeks 7 and 8 this term, providing valuable insights into student progress.

As we approach the end of term, I would like to remind everyone that the last day of term is Thursday 28 March . Students will resume classes on Monday, 15 April.

Wishing all staff and students a safe and fantastic two week break filled with relaxation and rejuvenation.

Mr M. Paton, Principal


It is important that you have Compass downloaded on your phone to receive all school notifications.

If you haven't updated your Compass app to receive push notifications on your phone for upcoming events such as excursions, please follow the steps below.


Host Family Needed

We are searching for a host family for our Japanese Assistant, Sakiko for Term 3 & 4, 2024.

If anyone has a room that they can host Sakiko for over the term, we would love to hear from you.

Becoming a host family is a very rewarding experience.

Bring a little bit of Japan to you family.

Payment is $200 per week.

Japanese Specialist Term 1 Challenge

Japanese Specialist members are invited to participate in the term 1 challenge, which is to design an original mnemonic for a Japanese character. Points towards the Japanese badge will be awarded for all entries, and the most creative designs in each year level will receive a prize. Challenge details and submission requirements can be found on the Japanese Specialist Program Connect page.

Japanese Specialist Term 1 Enrichment Workshops

This term, a number of our Year 7 and 8 Japanese Specialist students have been participating in after-school workshops, where they have learned about seasonal events in Japan. Festivals explored include the Doll’s Festival, Children’s Day and the Star Festival. In addition to participating in language-based activities, students created a memento to take home for each of the festivals.


Health and Physical Education

The Leeming Senior High School Interschool Swimming Squad competed in the Division 3 Interschool Swimming Carnival on Monday 11 March. The squad was selected from the results of the recent House swimming carnival held in week 4. The Physical Education Department are extremely pleased with this exceptional team this year, winning the Division 3 Carnival on the day! Leeming always performs well on the day, but winning the competition for the Division, has not happened in a very long time – so well done!

The team was led by Captains Adrian Frederic and Emily Payne, both Year 12 students. Leeming fired up on all cylinders throughout the day, with fierce determination and dynamic swimming performances from all competitors. The comrade of being part of a team and supporting each other in each year group was the foundation for the final result. A big thanks to the Year 9 girls who swam up a division on the day.

In particular, the upper school boys team exploded in the Medley Relay missing out by 3 seconds for the record. These swimmers need to be mentioned: Jacob Ray, Thomas Beardmore, Ethan Beardmore and Adrian Frederic. The boys had intentions of breaking the record for the 4 x 50m Freestyle relay – Again, they performed extremely well but missed out by 3 seconds. Congratulations on your efforts, amazing job!

On behalf of Leeming PE Department, a huge thanks to all the swimmers who devoted their skill and passion to this event. Without you all, this fantastic result would not have happened. Below are the overall results of the day and Individual Champions.

1st Place Winner - Year 9 Calen Seah

A shout out to Mr Oliveri and Mrs Burke who assisted on the day with the team and the helpers who attended. Next year will be a tough one, moving up to Division 2.

School Debating Team Shines in WA Debating League

In an exhilarating debut performance, our school's debating team showcased their skills and determination in the fiercely competitive arena of the WA Debating League. Making their mark among seasoned competitors, students from years 7-10 engaged in four intense bouts at Mount Lawley Senior High School, securing two victories. Their remarkable performance not only reflects their dedication and preparation but also speaks volumes about the depth of talent within our school community. As they gear up for their next challenge on May 2nd, the team stands poised to continue their ascent in this prestigious league.

The journey of our debating team in the WA Debating League marks a significant milestone for our school. With a blend of enthusiasm, intellect, and strategic thinking, our students demonstrated their ability to articulate ideas persuasively and engage in constructive dialogue on complex issues. Despite being newcomers to the league, their tenacity and adaptability were evident in every argument, earning them commendation from judges and opponents alike. The experience gained from these initial bouts will undoubtedly serve as a solid foundation for their future endeavours in the debating circuit.

As we celebrate our debating team's achievements, we also recognize the invaluable lessons learned from their participation in the WA Debating League. Their success underscores the importance of teamwork and preparation and highlights the transformative power of engaging in intellectually stimulating pursuits outside the classroom. As they continue to hone their skills and refine their strategies, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming competition on May 2nd, where our team will again demonstrate their prowess and uphold the proud tradition of excellence that defines our school.

Year 11 ATAR Psychology Students

Inspired by the work of Roger Sperry and Walter Freeman, the Year 11 ATAR Psychology students honed their neuro-surgical skills in the science lab. Their aptitude for dissecting lamb brains to locate the main structures of the brain was outstanding and the hands-on experience solidified their understanding of the major parts of the brain that control thoughts, behaviour and emotion in humans.

Disclaimer: No students were lobotomised during this activity.
Red Cross Pathways to Protection Incursion

The Year 10 Humanities and Social Sciences students had the opportunity to walk in the shoes of a displaced person during the Red Cross Pathways to Protection incursion. The statistics about the number of people seeking asylum around the globe was mind-blowing and the students were shocked to see the conditions that people experience when they are displaced. Students made the tough decisions that these people have to make on a daily basis, and were made by famous refugees such as Einstein, Aliir Aliir, Awer Mabil and Peter Bol.


Our school is aiming to offer an increased variety of training and pathway opportunities for our students in 2024. We would like to welcome all current and former families and friends of Leeming Senior High School who might have learning, training, or employment opportunities at their workplace to please contact Mr Vance Bryan.

email Mr Bryan 📧 - vance.bryan@education.wa.edu.au

call the school 📞- 9237 6800

message us 📩 - via one of our social media channels

Mr Bryan is our former Senior School Student Services Manager who has taken the newly created role of Pathways and Transition Manager. Mr Bryan is a student advocate, passionate to achieve suitable career pathways for all students.

In his role, Mr Bryan is there to guide all students towards a fulfilling professional future.

Mr Bryan would especially love to reconnect with former students and families who are keen to "give back" to our wonderful school.

Health Centre
School Health Service Visits

The student services and health centre has been extremely busy this term.

Students who are feeling unwell at school should attend student services at recess/lunch who will be triaged and referred to parents or student service manager.

Reminder to students and parents that the student services and health centre can only be accessed by students during students own free time E.g. before school, recess, lunch breaks and after school for non-urgent matters.

Students can make an appointment to see the nurse if needed.

The school has a traffic light process for managing students who are feeling unwell, which is a guide for triage.

Medical Conditions

If your child has a medical condition or develops a medical condition for example asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes, or epilepsy please inform the school.

A signed Action Plan will be required for school staff to manage your child’s medical condition appropriately whilst they are at school.

Please provide the school with your child’s ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis completed and signed by your child’s doctor.


Parents and students are reminded that the nurse or staff NOT allowed to give panadol or other medication to students. Parents/Students are reminded that they can bring a dose of panadol to school to take if you have pain. E.g. Headache, period pain, toothache etc.

Why should I consider having my child vaccinated against the flu?

The National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia's peak body for health advice, recommends annual vaccination for anyone six months of age or older who wants to reduce their chances of becoming ill with the flu.

Annual flu vaccination is strongly recommended for anyone six months of age or older with a medical condition that places them at higher risk of severe illness from flu. Children and adults with heart, lung or kidney disease or a weakened immune system, are eligible for free flu vaccine through the National Immunisation Program.

Children without underlying medical conditions who become infected with flu can also develop serious illnesses. Flu can cause high fever and pneumonia, and make existing medical conditions worse. Flu can also cause convulsions and diarrhoea in children.

Influenza viruses are always changing. Each year scientists try to match the strains of influenza viruses in the vaccine to those most likely to cause flu illnesses that year. It takes up to two weeks for protection to develop after vaccination against flu and protection lasts about a year.

The seasonal flu vaccine is available on prescription or via GP and immunisation clinics and is provided free for certain groups. Flu vaccines are available prior to winter starting. For more information, www.health.wa.gov.au or contact your GP or Immunisation Clinic.

Wishing all students and families a safe, happy and healthty easter break and school holiday break.

Mrs Deb Kitak- Community Nurse - Deb.Kitak@education.wa.gov.au

Community News
Acknowledgement of Country

We respectfully acknowledge the past and present traditional custodians of this land on which we are meeting, the Whadjak/Noongar people.

It is a privilege to be standing on Noongar country. We acknowledge the contributions of Aboriginal Australians to the education of all children and people in this country we all live in and share together – Australia.

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