Project Resilience Newsletter

Candace Coccaro, Director of Student Life and Personnel Services, Jade Garcia, Project Resilience Facilitator, Elsie Jimenez, Bridges to Resilience Faciliator


What is Project Resilience?

Project Resilience/Bridge To Resilience introduces trauma-informed assistance in Jersey City Public Schools. It teaches everyone about the effects of trauma, offers individual and group therapy for students facing challenges, provides mental health sessions, check and connect interventions, and aids school climate leadership teams. Furthermore, it offers psychoeducation and professional development to different groups within the school community.

Ignite Wellness Clubs

Introducing the Ignite Wellness Clubs, designed to boost your child's overall well-being through Project Resilience/Bridges to Resilience. These clubs provide a secure environment for students to explore and adopt habits for a healthier life. The Wellness Club's goals include promoting physical health, supporting emotional well-being, developing social skills, raising mental health awareness, encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, learning about nutrition, engaging in community outreach, setting goals, managing time, resolving conflicts, practicing mindfulness, reducing stress, and gaining insights into sleep hygiene. These clubs are available in many middle and high schools across the district. VIDEO: Ignite Wellness Club at Ferris High School

Saturday Rejuvenation Program

In our Saturday Rejuvenation Program, we approach disciplinary matters restoratively for students, emphasizing accountability, empathy, and personal growth. The program provides chances for making amends, resolving conflicts, and cultivating responsibility through Community Circles, Restorative Justice Practices, Social Emotional Learning, mentoring and special assemblies. Participation fosters positive socialization, aiming to discourage future negative behaviors. The Saturday Rejuvenation Program is conducted at various locations across the district.

What is Grief?

Understanding Grief: Grief is a natural response to loss, whether it's the passing of a loved one or experiencing major life changes, such as relocating to a new place. It's a unique and personal process that involves various stages: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Both adults and children may go through these stages. School environments play a crucial role in supporting students dealing with grief. Our school acknowledges the diverse sources of grief that students may encounter, and we provide a supportive atmosphere to help them navigate these challenging emotions. In addition to fostering open communication, we offer resources, counseling services, and activities geared towards emotional well-being. Encouraging self-care, rest, and maintaining connections with loved ones are essential aspects of our approach to supporting students through the grieving process.

Practice Self Love

Embracing the practice of self-love is an essential journey towards fostering a positive mindset for both parents and children. Understanding that our brains often gravitate towards negative thoughts as a survival instinct, incorporating self-compassion can significantly impact overall well-being, stress management, and resilience. Prioritizing self-care through activities such as regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, ensuring sufficient sleep, engaging in relaxation techniques, setting achievable goals, expressing gratitude, and nurturing social connections are crucial elements for mental health. To support students on this self-love journey, consider exploring resources like mindfulness apps, community workshops, or reputable websites that offer guidance and insights into cultivating a positive relationship with oneself.

What are Community Circles?

Community circles provide a nurturing and secure space for your children to openly express their thoughts and emotions. These circles play a pivotal role in fostering positive relationships between students and teachers, improving communication, and cultivating a culture of trust and respect within the school and classroom. Beyond these essential aspects, community circles are effective in addressing various issues such as bullying, behavioral improvements, leadership development, community building, reconciliation, and conflict resolution. The strength of these circles in educational settings lies in their ability to provide teachers with valuable insights into the social, emotional, and academic needs of their students.

Benefits of participating in classroom community circles:

  1. Building Community: Students learn to collaborate and navigate differences productively
  2. Promoting Respect: Every voice within the circle is heard and respected.
  3. Creating a Balance of Power: Each participant in the circle is considered equal, with no voice deemed more important than another.
  4. Fostering Empathy: Students actively listen to diverse perspectives, enhancing their capacity for empathy.

The Compass Community Resource Guide serves as a comprehensive tool for community outreach, offering a wealth of resources to support students and their families. This guide encompasses a diverse range of services, providing valuable information on educational, health, and social support available within the community to enhance overall well-being. Compass Community Resource Guide

Celebrate SEL Day

We are thrilled to announce the students of the Jersey City School District celebrated Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)! In recognition of the importance of fostering emotional intelligence, empathy, and positive interpersonal skills, schools have organized special events and activities throughout the day. Students were invited to participate in an engaging poster contest, where their creative expressions of SEL themes will be showcased. This celebration aims to reinforce the significance of SEL in our educational approach and nurture a supportive environment for the well-being of all our students. We had a day filled with connection, self-reflection, and the joy of learning together.