Mercy High Takes on the Orpheum

The Mercy High Fine Arts department (Theater, Show Choir, and Choir classes) had the opportunity to travel to the Orpheum Theater to view The Lion King. It was a really amazing experience for them because it was girls of all ages coming together to see what they love, singing, dancing, and set design.

The girls started by having a pizza dinner in the choir room. There they got to eat some food, chat with their friends, and get ready for the show.
They then finally arrived at the theater. There was time to take the photos with friends and prepare for the number one musical in the world. With the extra time the girls bought food and merchandise before the show.
Sophomores Jillian Wallich and Ak Verdoni got a picture in front of the Orpheum theater sign to capture the moment.
The best part of the night was right here... when they arrived to their seats. They were close to the stage and with the interactiveness of the show the seats were phenomenal. Actors and actresses would walk within the crowd and it made the show all the better. An interesting aspect of the show was the design. It was done so well and was an interesting addition.
Everyone piled in and was waiting for the show. It finally started and jaws were dropped. The opening song, "The Circle of Life" was amazing, and the girls had a blast. It was a two and a half hour show and not a single minute was boring.

Overall everyone had a great time. Girls were laughing and crying. For many of the girls it was their first time seeing the Lion King musical, and it was fantastic. The music and dancing of the actors and actresses was inspiring to many of the Mercy High Fine Arts students and was over all a great experience for them.