Joie de Vivre!

Dear OFS Community,

Oooo la la! On Monday, we opened the week with a cultural visit to our neighbours – Brexit might have distanced some relationships, but Orley Farm pupils know the value in embracing cultures! There were some wonderful costumes, the chance to sample some lovely culinary delights and a few challenges to check our vocabulary retention under pressure! A great way to start the week, thanks to Madame Galan and her department for bringing a little joie de vivre to South Harrow!


Ms Gentles led an engaging and thought-provoking assembly mid-week, inviting us to look at our own identity, our roots and values and where they come from. We had a panel of pupils and staff who agreed to respond to some pretty probing questions around how they see themselves based on their backgrounds.

You could have heard a pin drop during this on stage live chat show hosted by our Heads of School. I could literally feel the whole school leaning into each answer – what an uplifting insight into humanity; we actually want to know more about different stories as it simply broadens our views!

U11 OFS Football Tournament

Last Saturday, we hosted our annual tournament that was really well attended. I know that more and more schools find it hard to field teams for weekend fixtures, but it’s such an invaluable opportunity to experience an intense amount of gameplay in such a short period. I often wonder what would happen if we repeated the tournament at the end of the season to see whether the results would be the same - I suspect that some teams make exponential progress through days like this – a huge thank you to Mr Bloom for organising the event, to Mr King for inspiring our boys and to Mr Seddon and Mr Mitchell for refereeing the games.

Welcome to Y5 Beechwood Park

On Wednesday we welcomed Beechwood Park for a round of Hockey fixtures. I was so impressed with the progress that our girls have made, as we were genuinely treated to pacey competitive games. One mum commented

Having watched them back in Yr3, it’s amazing how far they’ve come, I wish XXXX’s Grandmother could be here today as she supported from the sidelines 2 years ago...

Being a huge supporter of Harrow Hockey club, who often use our astro, I love that more and more Orley girls and boys are thriving on this game.

Book Buzz

BOOK BUZZ…what a fantastic opportunity! Yr6 had a slightly different library session this week as they entered a French café…and had the chance to sample all manner of genres and authors from an amazing menu! The idea is to inspire everyone to continue finding inspiration and even escape in the pages of a book! A huge thank you to Mrs Artoonian for organising this feast of literature!

I’m amazed that over 160 pupils volunteered to come to school tomorrow morning to be a part of our October Open Day – a huge thank you to all of you! I know that visitors love hearing your stories and being able to talk so confidently is something that will help you in the years ahead!

Tim Calvey