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Meet us

We are a team of specialists with many years of experience in the industry. Thanks to this, we offer services at the highest level while maintaining maximum creativity and professionalism. Our activities in the production and implementation of films have been recognized at many film festivals, both national and international, where they have won a number of awards. The owner of the company is the director and producer Paweł Jóźwiak-Rodan and the producer Marta Pielasz. We created UNSIN STUDIO by uniting our previous companies: Projekcja Identyfikacja / Projection ID, VR Storytales & Fala Nowa. We cooperate with many creators from the Łódź and Katowice Film Schools. Our realizations below:

  • VIDEO 360 & VR

We produced full-length feature documentary GOD & LUNAPARKS WARRIORS (aka GOD & ROLLERCOASTERS) with Polish Television and support of Polish Film Institute, film which won Krakow Film Festival Special Award. The story about anticlerical father and his religious son, locked together in a car for a week — a spiritual "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". We produced also new technology interactive experience (mostly VR): OUT OF BODY VR, SMILE IN THE WARD (UŚMIECH NA ODDZIALE) – you can find on Youtube. and published the SIBERIAN RUN VR game (available on Steam). We have some projects in development - films and games.

Corporate, content, ad & commercial videos

We make tailor-made films. We are able to create a concept of a spot and produce it, guaranteeing the participation of a professional team and equipment. We know how to make interesting and dynamic videos promoting a brand or product. We make films that are fully creative and in the recently popular documentary trend (eg with the participation of real Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescuer - GOPR). We have experienced directors, cinematographers and editors aboard this type of project.

Documentary & fiction movies

Video Games, Cinematics, VR, 360 videos

Documentary & fiction feature & short films

We have many documentaries on our account, including crowdsourcing movies, many of which have won awards both in Poland and around the world. We are in the process of creating another documentary, feature film and TV series.

Cinematics, Games, Apps & Virtual Reality

We produce breathtaking 3D cinematic cutscenes for games and animations for films

We also produce traditional games as well as VR games. We also create training, social and commercial apps and games - made to measure at your request!


Avaliable on STEAM

Our brand: http://www.vrflow.io

360 videos & VR experiences

We have equipment and knowledge for how to shoot and post complicated and less complicated 360 ° films. We have realized an experience that allows the viewer to look through the eyes of a film character and empathize with his role, experiencing his feelings and dilemmas. We provide making of in 360 and videos and VR advertising experiences. In addition, we can do live VR broadcasts, which can be viewed from any event.

Our brand http://www.vrstorytales.com

Want 360 VR? Contact us:


We are open to new projects. If you have an interesting idea for a movie, VR or a game send to us: studio@unsin.studio

If you want to create something amazing for your brand or company contact us either!


Pawel J. Rodan

Founder/ CEO/ Producer/ Film Director

He graduated directing at the Krzysztof Kieslowski's Department of Radio and Television University of Silesia , and film studies at the University of Łódź. Now he is PhD student at Polish National Filmschool in Lodz (Lodz Film School - PWSTFITV) where he conducts reaserch about films in VR and internet vlogs.

He is most known as the author of the script, photos, and director of the documentary "MY MOM DAD GOD AND SATAN” which won numerous international and home awards. This film was Offical Selected at Camerimage Festival 2008 in Lodz and and the second Prize at The International Documentary Film Festival DOCUMENTA MADRID in Spain. He directed also short fiction films like EIGHT9, and several feature documentary films which won numerous prices. He directed first polish crowdcourced doucmentary MY 89 GENERATION produced with Polish Television about people born after 1989 the year when Comunism in Poland ended. He collected footage from real people and edit this film - www.facebook.com/my89generation

He finished with Opus Film (main producer of Oscar winning „Ida") the documentary film called THE PILGRIM about ex-prisoner walking by foot from Europe to Moscow - www.pilgrimthemovie.com Like his last movie’s hero he is heavy seeker of new challenges! Currently entered in VR subject - games and 360 degree movies and launched VR project: www.vrstorytales.com

Marta Pielasz

Co-founder/ COO/ Producer

Producer production manager, graduated Radio and Television Faculty - University of Silesia where she also lectured then. In 2010/2011 she participated in the Creative Producer Course at Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. She produced short film "Lila" directed by Dominika Łapka and the full-length movie "Matka" directed by Lee Mackintosh Jones. Then, she produced a documentary film by Tomasz Jurkiewicz "On the verge of the miracle" and Adam Sikora's feature movie. She cooperated with a company specializing in internationally co-produced documents including funding under MEDIA Creative Europe & TV Programming.

Mikolaj Kret

Production manager

For eight years associated with production, especially advertising. He cooperated with several leading production houses, where he dealt with, among others researched by directors and participated in the implementation of Apap, Castorama, Bonduelle, Eurobank, KFC, Lipton or El Sol. He also worked on documentary, feature and 3D animation sets and lately for VR. He values ​​the cooperation with the best professionals and artists with remarkable projects.

A graduate of Film Studies at the University of Lodz and the Film and Television Production Department at the PWSFTViT in Łódź. He lives in Łódź.

Unsin Studio

Production company based in Poland

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