An Empty Field My house is full but my field is empty, who will go and work for me today?

The Holy Bible is full of phenomenal heroes of faith who exemplified unbending, blind courage on the Promises of God. Heroes like Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and Daniel are some of the patriarchs of faith represented for their witness to the strength and power of God's amazing love and grace.

Through their lives, we've read how Noah survived and lived through the world's most massive Flood. Moses saw the laws of gravity defied while crossing the Red Sea. Joshua was front and center when the walls of Jericho fell flat and ordered the sun to stand still. David defeated a man perhaps triple his size and weight. On and on we can read about the terrific power of God these men were blessed to showcase. But some heroes fall through the cracks.

One such individual was a man whom the Bible refers to: "The son of a woman of the daughters of Dan, and his father was a man of Tyre, skillful to work in gold, and in silver, in brass, in iron, in stone, and in timber, in purple, in blue, and in fine linen, and in crimson; also to grave any manner of graving, and to find out every device which shall be put to him." II Chronicles 2:14

We cand find another example in Exodus 36:1-2: "Then wrought Bezaleel and Aholiab, and every wise hearted man, in whom the LORD put wisdom and understanding to know how to work all manner of work for the service of the sanctuary, according to all that the LORD had commanded. And Moses called Bezaleel and Aholiab, and every wise hearted man, in whose heart the LORD had put wisdom, even every one whose heart stirred him up came unto the work to do it."

These men were not kings, prophets, preachers or valiant men (or women) of war but were instrumental in God's design of building the Tabernacle and Temple. Without them, there would be no dwelling place for the Spirit of God to reside among the people. They were background workers - setting the stage for the Holy Spirit to perform His work among us. A fascinating fact of God's demonstrative power was how He equipped them to perform and complete the task. "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure." Philippians 2:13

In Matthew 9:37-38 we read: "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few..." These are the words of Jesus as He compassionately observed the multitude of people as sheep having no shepherd.

The task of preaching is often seen as the only aspect of this verse, but in truth, it encompasses so much more. Lack of skills/talents or feelings of insignificance cannot be used as crutches. In the same way God used Moses' staff, so will He use what we have so that we can all be laborers in the Kingdom!

It was God who equipped Aholiab, Bezaleel, and others for a specific task at a specific time. In the words of Esther, "For such a time as this," God calls for laborers. We have a God who is a Provider and will provide the means to accomplish the task.

Who will carry the torch and follow in the footsteps of our unsung heroes?