Baldwin Ocean Mrs. Baldwin First Grade-November

Making Waves-- A note from Mrs. Baldwin

That is a wrap for our first quarter of school. Wow did that fly by. Your child's report card is now available to view online using ParentVue. You will see that the coding on the math (profile of progress) is different than the remainder of the report card. Math is tracking your child's progress of skills with the goal of reaching S-secure by the end of the school year. Do not be concerned if your child is receiving B- beginning for some skills. Many skills have just been introduced therefore the entire class is at the B-beginning stage.

The rest of the report card uses S for satisfactory and N for needs improvement. Each quarter the expectations increase in difficulty. During parent teacher conferences we will review your child's strengths and goals for the future. Fall Parent Teacher Conferences teachers meet with EVERY family. There will be a few openings on Thursday, November 16th with most conferences taking place on Monday November 20th. Make sure to read emails from Mrs. Schmid and school that will let you know how to sign up for conferences.

Sam Labs

Checkout what we are coding with Sam labs.

  • inputs to outputs
  • adding behaviors
  • creating systems
  • seeing how intervals change a system
  • using coding to simulate the phases of the moon
  • creating spooky sounds and light effects

Are you getting our texts?

No matter which platform you are viewing this newsletter or Mrs. Schmid's Bulletin, you should have also received a text message with the link to the newsletter. Our "204 Connect" system has the ability for teachers and the school to send messages to your phone!

If you are not receiving text messages, you may have opted out of the district or school communication. If you think you may have opted out you can text START to 60680 and for emergency messages, text START to 54968.

Important Reminders
  • Fridays- make sure all library books are returned
  • 11/8-11/14 Parent/Teacher Conference Scheduling Opens for Parents
  • 11/10 Busy Bobcat Store
  • 11/14 Chipotle Family Dinner Night @4:00-8:00pm, PTA Meeting @7:00pm (Child Care Available!)
  • 11/16 & 11/20 Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 11/20 - 11/25 No School- Fall Break -Happy Thanksgiving
  • Sign-up to be a Mystery Reader in our classroom- link below in newsletter

Is your child reaching their weekly Lexia goal? Every student is given a goal for Lexia depending on their level. Lexia tells students how many minutes they need to complete a week to reach the end of year goal. Students are given some time at school to work on Lexia, but many will need to do some Lexia homework to ensure their minute goals/unit goals are reached. IF a child has lots of minutes yet very little units completed then we know they are not doing the work, maybe just sitting in front of the screen. Please log into Lexia on your child's Chromebook and see what their goal is for the week. Please also remember to not give your child the answers when working in Lexia as the intuitive engine set for child will not do its job reducing your child's learning. See the picture and video below to learn more about these goals.

  • Lexia access- on the student SSO Dashboard
  • Each student has a weekly goal - depends on how many levels they need to complete before the end of the school year
  • Students are given approx 10 min a day to work on Lexia at school, so Lexia most likely needs to be done at home to reach the goal
  • Students receive certificates when they pass to the next level- please note it is not a competition! I do not share what level students are on. We should all grow at our own pace.
  • Make sure to logout correctly to have minutes recorded correctly
  • Don't hop around from activity to activity - green bar needs to reach across to SAVE work otherwise they have to start over- very frustrating
  • Pay attention to the color bar at the bottom of the screen- green good- yellow/orange student is struggling and the program will give another lesson

How was your day? FINE

What did you do at school? NOTHING

Here are some questions to enhance conversations with your child.

  • Who is Scamper?
  • What do you do with Sams Lab?
  • What is a book buddy? (4th grader reading buddy)
  • Can you count on to find, 4 + ? = 6
  • What is a map key? Compass Rose?
  • List 3 nouns
  • List 3 verbs
  • List 3 adjectives

Book Club

Want to build your own book collection without breaking the bank? Checkout Scholastic Book Club. Each month your child will bring a flyer home. Simply order online with the link below. Books are delivered to me and I pass them out to students to bring home. Buying books from the club also helps build our classroom library for free. Of course NO obligation to buy, optional. Orders Due Friday November 10th.

Everyday student communicate their plan for lunch. Students must decide if they need to order anything before 9:10 am each day. Please talk with your child each day to help them know what to order as changes cannot be made at lunchtime. You might find printing out a menu for the week helpful. Need information about our food service? Click the button below.

What are we learning in November ?

SEL- Social Emotional Learning

Be Assortative- Assertive communication is the best way to ask for help. It is important for students to be able to ask for help when they need it. For many students, this requires being assertive. Assertiveness also helps students in their peer relations. Students who are too passive are at higher risk for being bullied. Students who are too aggressive in their interactions have fewer friends.

Being assertive involves using an assertive posture (face the person you’re talking to, keep your head up and shoulders back) and an assertive tone of voice (use a calm, firm voice; use respectful words).

Literacy November

My View Literacy- The next unit is titled I-Spy. The essential question is How do animals and people grow and change? Students will be involved in reading and writing informational text. Students will work on the following skills:

  • comprehension- main idea and supporting details
  • Writing- topic sentence and details
  • Grammar- subject predicates ,types of sentences

Word Study - At this time in the year your child should be able to read and spell c-v-c words. Students should know all the short vowel sounds even hearing the difference between tricky short e and short i. Want to see how your child is doing, have them read the nonsense test to you linked below. Next up is blends and digraphs.

Reading Behaviors- We continue to build our reading stamina, the goal being 20 minutes. Many times students are given a post-it with a reading assignment. Some might be reading their decodable book three times. Some might be reading the next two chapters. These assignments support students at their individual levels while building reading stamina.

Fluency - See if your child wants to read/ sing one of our November poems.


The first half of the unit focused on breaking numbers into parts and back together; part-part-total. Throughout the entire school year students will work on math fluency of these facts 1-20.

The next section of the unit reminds students of other math rules that will support their math fluency and number sense. For example the communitive property or doubles + 1 strategies. Every lesson has students involved with mental math, word problems, learning a new concept, and ending with math practice.

Below is a button that will take you to a tip sheet for each topic we cover in module 1. We will most likely be covering topics G - I  the month of November.

Science & Social Studies

Science- Do animals have superpowers? Yes. In this unit we will learn how animals adapt and survive in the world. This past fall we have learned many facts about squirrels, bats and spiders. Have your children told you how Scamper and Batty move about our room?

Social Studies- What is a veteran? Students will learn and honor these great men and women..

Photo Gallery

Under construction- unfortunately new computer reimaging causing technical difficulties. More photos to come soon!

Sign up to be a Mystery Reader. Come surprise your child on a Friday afternoon and read to the class. Learn more about it by clicking the button/link.