harmonious beige

Minimalism and harmony

We have worked on the simplicity of the letterforms to make them simple and legible while at the same time giving them personality. At the same time we have been very minimalist in the use of colour with the aim of generating that harmony between shapes and colour.

When a corporate image is simple, you transmit that it is easy to work with the brand that offers the product.

Positive version
Negative version

Beige tones

Beige colours not only remind us of the sand on the beach, which is ideal. But also to the walls of our house when the sunlight hits them on a warm summer day creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. An atmosphere in which you feel cosy and, above all, calma.

We also use pure white and charcoal black for those moments when we need a higher contrast, for long text bodies where using beige colours can affect readability.

Letters and shapes

We have chosen simple and neat shapes. Simple and close to favour legibility but with a unique and special point of personality.

We also used another font for the body text, the outfit, which ensures very geometric shapes without the contrast of the lettering of the logo and titles. As we can see on the card they form a beautiful pair.

Mobile and social media ready

An all-rounder brand ready to show its full potential on social media and mobile. Where we can see how all this harmony generates compositions of high visual impact.