TONFA is a rap duo that consists of Karuzelkaaa and kierat. They represent a new generation of underground rap - sonic diversity and influences like punk, grime, hardcore or jungle, place them in a wide spectrum of Polish independent music scene.

Their craft and contribution to creating a new scene didn’t go unnoticed by different kinds of festivals: from experimental Unsound and Avant Art festivals, through electronic Up To Date, to big, commercial events such as Open’er Festival, FEST Fetival or Męskie Granie. Because of their specific background, the duo caught the attention and collaborated with such artists as polish hip-hop legend Włodi or Brodka, one of the biggest polish alt-pop names.

TONFA live band adds two more members to the squad: turntablist DJ Zeten and drummer Wojciech Perczyński. Hardcore punk energy of live drums with DJ Zeten’s scratches and cuts create the unique combination and sensory stimulation, that resonate with a wide audience and break the form of stereotype rap show. TONFA live gigs is one of a kind experience.


They debuted in 2019 with their self-titled TONFA EP. The record’s distinctive features were

They debuted in 2019 with their self-titled TONFA EP. The record’s distinctive features were lowkey, dark and psychotic beats accompanied by layers of hypnotic, abstract lyrics that defined the sound of the group. The project contained raw aggressive energy contrasted with dreamlike samples such as in the last song of the project titled PSY NA CENTRALNYM.


Group’s next release was their first full length album by the name of KLĄTWA LP. The project came out in the third quarter of 2021. The concept of the album was to create a hip-hop album with each track being a reference of a different style and channeling different emotions. „Punk, grime, noise, hardcore, free and jungle all being one entity. Junk-rap, hip-hop anno (not)domini 2021.” - as stated by Filip Kalinowski-a Polish music journalist.


The most recent TONFA solo release is PLUTA EP. The material is very dense and suffocating but also brings a breath of fresh air to the group’s discography. All thanks to a careful combination of experimental beats and ambiguous lyrics sprinkled with a large dose of autotune that give the EP a psychedelic yet very glittery feel.

TONFA's latest release is scheduled for January 2024 and it will be the second LP in the band's discography. Album will feature guests, the top of the Polish rap game and beyond, like Italian-English leftfield artist Franco Franco and Jamaican, experimental dancehall musician I Jahbar.

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