LinkedIn Learning The University of Edinburgh Service Newsletter - March 2024


Welcome to the third edition of our LinkedIn Learning service newsletter at The University of Edinburgh. In this edition, we'll provide you with the usage statistics and most popular courses of our service for February, Introduce you to the new AI-powered Coaching feature, and help you discover how to develop a habit of learning through LinkedIn Learning Daily. So, if you like the sound of that then be sure to keep scrolling.

You can find an alternative format version of this newsletter and links to past editions on the LinkedIn Learning newsletter section of our website.

February's Service Usage

Here's a quick look at how LinkedIn Learning has been viewed by our University community during February.

  • 4,725 courses viewed
  • 23,776 videos viewed
  • 1,210 hours of content consumed
  • 62 mins average viewing duration per user

The five most popular courses for our staff and students were:

  1. Learning Data Science: Understanding the Basics (1h 16m)
  2. Excel Essential Training (2h 29m)
  3. Learning Excel 2019 (1h 7m)
  4. Excel: PivotTables for Beginners (23m 52s)
  5. Project Management Foundations (3h 32m)

AI-Powered coaching

LinkedIn Learning's brand-new AI coaching chatbot makes finding the right course content within the platform quicker and easier, meaning you'll spend less time searching and more time learning.

The chatbot uses generative AI to:

  • Analyse your LinkedIn profile, goals and interests to respond in a personalised and inquisitive manner
  • Convert your prompt into a search query and ask clarifying questions to better understand your needs
  • Recommend courses and content from the platform's library of over 20,000 courses and 250,000 videos.

As well as helping you to find content, the chatbot can also be used to provide advice to help you navigate challenges in the workplace.

So next time you log into LinkedIn Learning, why not ask the AI Coach how you can lead better team meetings or network more effectively?

Learning Daily

Users of the LinkedIn Learning app can now build a learning habit thanks to Learning Daily. This new feature, accessed from the bottom menu of the app, contains individual LinkedIn Learning videos (extracted from courses) that focus on key takeaways in an immersive experience.

Similar in appearance to Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts, this scrollable feed also contains questions to check your knowledge and streaks to track progress.

Whether you're short on time or just don't know what you want to learn, download the LinkedIn Learning app and start your learning streak today.

February's new courses

LinkedIn Learning adds more than 50 courses every week. Below are five recently added courses that might interest you.

  1. Help Yourself: Tech Tips Weekly
  2. Managing a Diverse Team
  3. Copilot in Word: Create and Refine Documents with AI
  4. Generative AI for Python Developers
  5. Cybersecurity Careers: Build Your Brand in Cybersecurity


LinkedIn regularly runs free webinars to help you get the most out of your personal LinkedIn account and LinkedIn Learning subscription. These live sessions cover topics like how to improve your LinkedIn profile, how to use LinkedIn Learning more effectively, and Q&A sessions on a wide range of other subjects.

These webinars usually last less than one hour and are worth registering for even if you cannot attend as you will receive a link to the recorded version, provided you have signed up before the session takes place.

We're here to support your learning journey

If you need help using LinkedIn Learning to improve your skills, your team's skills, or your students' skills, please reach out to us. We'd be happy to talk with you about incorporating LinkedIn Learning materials into your staff's professional development or taught courses.