Newsletter - Friday 9 February 2024

Principal's Message

Mrs Julia Heise along with Primary School Captains and Senior School Captains and Vice Captains

Welcome to an exciting new year of opportunity and challenge at Wahroonga Adventist School. As we embark on the 2024 learning journey together, I am delighted to introduce some new developments that will further enhance our school community.

Our chaplaincy theme for this year is 'Seek Peace' inspired by Jesus' words and teachings. As we explore this theme throughout the year, we encourage our students and staff to reflect on the importance of seeking peace within themselves, in their relationships with others, and in the world around them.

The introduction of four Houses is an exciting initiative designed to provide greater opportunity for students to be involved in the life of the school as we have increased enrolments. Inspired by the values that underpin our school ethos and the spirit of camaraderie, the House system aims to foster a sense of belonging, encourage teamwork, and ignite school spirit among our students. The House Shield includes not just the sporting life of the school but also the rich academic and co-curricular activities as well.

Student Leadership opportunities have also expanded with the introduction of wellbeing, academic, and communications portfolios to complement the existing roles. It is exciting to provide more opportunities for student voice, as our young people are at the centre of all we do.

We extend a warm welcome to our new staff, students and families who have joined us this year. Your enthusiasm and fresh perspectives are invaluable contributions to our thriving Christ-centred learning community.

Our 2023 HSC Cohort did very well with over a third of the students achieving in the top 10% in at least one of their subjects. This is an outstanding achievement, and we are very proud of all our students.

Thank you for entrusting us with the education and well-being of your children. We look forward to a year filled with success, learning, and cherished memories.

God Bless

Mrs Julia Heise - Principal

Head of Primary School Message

Mrs Anne-Marie Deppeler

It has been wonderful to meet all our new families over the past few weeks and welcome them to our school community. Our Prep & Kindy students have had a great start to school, getting to know the routines and meeting teachers and students. It is always a joy to walk through the Prep & Kindy classrooms and see the smiling faces and talk with the students.

On Tuesday 6 February we held our Meet the Teacher Night. Thank you to all the parents who came along to the event. It was a great time to meet your child’s teacher and to connect with other parents. A big thankyou to the Home and School for the grazing tables that were organised for the event.

Mrs Anne-Marie Deppeler - Head of Primary School

Head of Secondary School Message

Mr Michael St Mart

Welcome back to another fantastic year at Wahroonga Adventist School! We trust you had a restful break and are ready for the exciting year ahead. It's with great excitement that we extend a warm greeting to our returning students, enthusiastic Year 7s, and the families joining our school for the first time. We're thrilled to have you as part of our community.,

Join us in extending a warm welcome to the teachers who have joined our staff this year. Andrew Blake is adding his expertise to PDHPE with his dedication to promoting health and wellbeing. Elisha Davison is a new addition the Science department and is on a mission to ignite curiosity and foster a love for scientific discovery. Matthew Tait is passionate about English and is eager to inspire a love for literature and language. Joel Pakoti is a new teacher in the Bible department and is excited to share his knowledge and contribute to spiritual growth.

We also have a couple of changes in roles. Natalie Rogers steps into the role of Head of Wellbeing, bringing her dedication to fostering a supportive environment. Laura Taylor is assuming the position of Head of Teaching & Learning, steering our academic pursuits with passion and expertise.

But that's not all – this year, we're introducing Stage Coordinators to enhance the experience for our students. Stage Coordinators play a pivotal role in supporting students’ wellbeing. They collaborate with teachers, students, and parents to create an enriching environment. Our stage co-ordinators for the senior school are Caitlin McCartney - Stage 4 (Years 7 & 8) and Emmeline Trappitt - Stage 5 (Year 9 & 10) and Natalie Rogers continuing as Stage 6 (Year 11 & 12) Co-ordinator.

We're also delighted to welcome back Karina Jones after her maternity leave.

As we embark on this new year, we anticipate a year filled with growth, learning, and meaningful experiences and can’t wait to share those experiences with you.

Mr Michael St Mart - Head of Secondary School


Miss Natalie Rogers and Mr Michael St Mart entering for the Convocation Chapel

Transitioning into a new school year can present challenges but offers countless opportunities for growth, learning, and forging new connections. Whether your child is navigating a new grade level, adjusting to a different schedule, or getting to know their classmates and teacher, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that you are not alone in this journey.

Year 7 met with their Peer Support Leaders in the high school this week. They will meet with their leaders once a week until the end of Term 1. The Peer leaders assist them with their transition into high school. In the Primary school, Preps were introduced to their Year 6 buddies. The older students will check in with their buddies during break times and help walk them down to chapel each week.

As we embark on this new school year together, let us approach each day with kindness, curiosity, and a commitment to supporting one another. Together, we can make this year one filled with growth, achievement, and unforgettable memories.

Miss Natalie Rogers - Head of Wellbeing

Student Welfare

Child Safety is Everyone’s Business

At Wahroonga Adventist School, we are committed to the care and protection of all children and young people involved in our school community.

Our Child Safe Program is based on the NSW government child safe standards. When you open the ‘About Us’ section of our school website you will find the public facing documents which make up our Child Safe Program. Please find a link via the button below.

The public facing documents include a Child Safe Policy, and the Codes of Conduct for adults and for children/young people. Along with these there is a process of reporting any incidents or concerns that may arise. The other public facing documents assist in the management process of investigating the evidence and resolving the issues associated with any incidents or concerns.

Our Child Safe Program provides us all with a transparent process to keep our children and young people safe. It is the responsibility of the whole school community to know about these public facing documents so we can assist in keeping our children and young people safe.

At the heart of our Child Safe Program is a commitment to: promote a culture and a safe environment that fosters zero tolerance of abuse or discrimination, respect children/young people by providing information and opportunities for them to participate in decisions that affect their lives, involve and inform families, carers and communities about our safeguarding practices, create a physically and culturally safe environment for the diverse needs of children and young people within our community.

We also recruit staff who are educated in their understandings and responsibilities in keeping children and young people safe, respond promptly to every safeguarding concern or allegation, promote and maintain safe physical and online environments, regularly review safeguarding policies and procedures and respond to emerging safeguarding risks and inform each member of the school community about their responsibility to understand the important and specific role that they play, individually and collectively, to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of all students is at the forefront of all that they do, and every decision that they make.

By working together, students, parents and staff can continue to make our school a safe place for all children and young people to learn and thrive.

Mr Ben Stewart - Counsellor

Upcoming Events

Family BBQ & Motiv8 Sports Fun

Home & School invites all families to join them under the COLA for an afternoon of friends, food and fantastic activities as we welcome in the new school year and get to know others in our school community.

The event will start at 12pm, Sunday 3rd March with time for students to free-play as we fire up the BBQ's and fry some veg burgers for lunch, along with drinks and dessert. After lunch Motiv8 Sports will be running an action-packed event for the students to blow off some steam while practising their active listening, teamwork and communication skills. The students love the programs that Motiv8 put on at school so this will be a special program for them all!

You can book your tickets via the link below or the QR on the flyer, also below.

Home & School First Meeting

Our Home & School meetings will be a little different this year. Our first meeting of the year is focused on providing a space for parent voice and their input with their perspectives and ideas. We welcome any parent or carer who would like to attend. Further information will be provided closer to the date.

First Home and School meeting - Parent Voice - Tuesday 12th March starting at 7pm

Teenager and Parent Masterclass

“The talk”. Just the thought of it can send a cold shiver down the spine of parents! Not only is it an important conversation but in 2024 these conversations should also cover technology, both the good and the bad. Our children are the first generation that social scientists are naming ‘digital natives’ with technology permeating every part of their daily existence. Information is readily available and individually catered to their personalities through algorithms and artificial intelligence. They are highly comfortable with digital communication and expect seamless integration of technology in all aspects of their lives.

The bad of the internet comes with the good, bringing exposure to things our children should never have access to. So what our children need is our guidance and wisdom on how to interpret the data at their fingertips. If this worries you please accept an invitation to attend this program at Fox Valley Community Church on the 16th and 17th of February.

Pr Marcus Pereira - Fox Valley Community Church and a WAS parent

Calendar of Upcoming School Events

You can access the list of upcoming School events via the link below. The School Calendar is also available under the Parent Information tab on the School website.

Term Dates for 2024

Please click on the link below to view the school term dates and public holiday information for 2024.

Whole School News

Convocation Chapel

Excitement and anticipation for the year ahead always fills the church during our Convocation Chapel as the students gather for the first time. During the service students, staff and the extended community took a few moments to commit themselves to the coming year of education, adventure and learning. The Chaplains talked about their theme "Seek Peace" and how we can seek it in our lives.

Staff and students committing themselves to a new year of learning

Celebration of 2023 HSC Results

HSC Results from our 2023 Year 12 Class

We are proud of the class of 2023 and the excellent results they have achieved in the HSC. Thirty-four Year 12 students sat for the HSC in 2023 with one Year 11 student also undertaking a HSC subject. Over 38% of the class achieved an ATAR of 80 or above and one student had their artwork nominated for ArtExpress.

We ranked first amongst Adventist Schools in NSW and 153 amongst 800 secondary schools throughout the state. To place this in greater perspective, there are 47 selective government high schools, which makes our school ranking even more impressive.

The consistently excellent results of our HSC students are a testament to the academic rigour and attentive pastoral care that staff provide, the dedication of the students and support of families. When students graduate from Wahroonga Adventist School, they take with them the skills and attributes to make a positive difference in their world.

Mrs Julia Heise - Principal

Meet the Teacher Night

Each year the Meet the Teacher night is a great way to connect not only to your student's teachers but also to meet and mingle with each other as families and parents. The Home & School kindly hosted our community over the 2 nights with drinks and a grazing table. Thankyou to all who came and we hope you enjoyed an evening of meeting and learning.

Thankyou to our parent volunteers who helped create these beautiful tables for 2 evening events

Distance Education High Achiever

In December last year, Kloe I, one of our talented Year 12 students, was awarded ‘First in Course’ for her Year 11 Distance Education Photography, Video and Digital Imaging studies. We congratulate Kloe on this wonderful achievement and wish her all the best as she continues with her HSC studies.

Leonie Savage - Librarian

Starlight Super Swim Challenge

Every day and every minute a sick child in Australia is admitted into hospital. During the month of February five close mates of mine, known as the Balmoral Barramundis, will be competing in the Starlight Super Swim. Each member of our group will swim 16km to help raise funds for the Starlight Children's Foundation with all donations received going directly to these sick children in need. If you are willing and able to support our cause please follow this link to donate and help.

Jack Fulton - Primary Sports Co-ordinator

Thankyou from Fusion

At the end of 2023 Beyond our Schoolyard, an initiative of the Home and School, worked with students to put together hampers that were then distributed by Fusion Australia. The school received a note of appreciation for the efforts of the students from Fusion.

"Your generous donation towards our food program is incredibly appreciated. Your support means the world to us and will make a significant difference in ensuring that families have nourishment and joy during this festive season. Thankyou for your kindness and generosity. Your contribution embodies the true spirit of Christmas, spreading hope and happiness to those in need. With heartfelt thanks, Lina Liong, Fusion Sydney North"

Thankyou Fusion for your kind note. We look forward to working with you again.

Home & School Committee

Primary School News

First Day of School for Prep and Kindy

Our Prep and Kindy quelled their nerves on their first day of big school with many cute faces and excitement along with photos and maybe a few tears from the parents. Welcome to the new families and parents as your child starts the next adventure here at our school.

Prep and Kindy Classes

Primary (Year 2-6) Swimming Carnival

A reminder that our Primary Swimming Carnival is on next week Tuesday 13 Feb. This carnival is for students in Year 2 - Year 6 only. The infants will have a carnival at another time in the year. The Consent2go forms have been emailed to parents. Please complete so that your child can compete in the events.

Mrs Anne-Marie Deppeler - Primary Principal

Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic magazines have been given out to students to take home this week. Just a reminder that all orders can be made online via the button and link below. Further details in the flyer attached.

Secondary School News

Year 12 Discussion Panel

Dhruv S, Angelica Y and Charlotte H

Thankyou to our 2023 Year 12 students who provided an insight into their experience of the HSC exams and their years of study at our school. Your insights and advice will no doubt be helpful for our current Year 12 class and their upcoming year of study and graduation.

Miss Natalie Rogers - Head of Wellbeing

Secondary Sport

Representative Sport and trials - Sport Pathways

Throughout the year, you will see notifications on Seqta Notices that will include individual nominations for sports for CSSA and CIS. Please take the time to look through the sports that have been listed so you don’t miss out - this will be updated regularly. If you are wanting to nominate your child for a specific sport, take note of the dates and contact Mr. Ah-You via email when necessary.

Senior Swimming Carnival

Swimming Carnival: Thursday 15 February at Knox Aquatic Centre between 8.30am & 2pm. Students to organise their own transport to and from the carnival.

Swimming events - please see Consent2go email for events link (to complete what events you would like to be in).

Honourable mentions

Earlier in December, Daniel P (Year 11) competed at the National All Schools Athletics Championship in Perth in under 17 Years Pole Vault. Daniel performed extremely well and won Gold medal & 1st place with a PB of 3.85 metres. Jimmy T (Year 9) also attended the National All Schools Athletics for Pole Vault and placed 2nd in the Under 15 Years Pole Vault which is fantastic.

Daniel P in action at the Australian Athletics All Schools in the Pole Vault

Later, Daniel was able to train with 2023 Female World Pole Vault champion Nina Kennedy and current 2023 Male World Pole Vault bronze medallist Kurtis Marschall which was an amazing experience. Congratulations to both Daniel and Jimmy for this extraordinary achievement!

Daniel with 2023 Female World Pole Vault Champion Nina Kenndy & current 2023 Male World Pole Vault bronze medallist Kurtis Marschall

Ilaria C recently competed in the 2024 NSW Country Diving Championships and was awarded a Bronze Medal in the Girls 16-18 year old 3 metre Springboard event and a Gold Medal in the Open Women’s Platform event. With those scores she qualified for the Australian Age Diving Championships in the same event as well as the Girls 16-18 year old 1 metre in a previous event.. She is competing on 11 Feb in an attempt to qualify for 16-18yo platform. Well done Ilaria on your achievement!

Ilaria C enjoying her achievements after competing in her diving competition

Mr Ignatius Ah-You - PDHPE Teacher

Library News

Library WebAPP

Wahroonga Adventist School Library has an online catalogue which makes searching for resources easy from any device with internet access. To visit our Library WebAPP go to On the guest page you will find instructions on how to access your child’s personal details. Please visit the Library WebAPP via the link below for more information relating to the Library.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Premier’s Reading Challenge website will become active from February 26, 2024. All books read from September last year can be added to this year’s list so keep a written record of these books to add online once the website is active. Students new to our school will receive their log-in details during the first week of March. If your child has completed the challenge at previous schools please email Mrs Savage ( stating the name of the school and the years that the challenge was completed so we can merge their challenge history to our school.

‘Book Fair Luau: It’s a Reading Celebration!’

Our annual Scholastic Book Fair will run from Wednesday, March 20 to Monday, March 25 (Week 8/9), so watch this space in coming weeks for more information.

Mrs Leonie Savage - Librarian

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop Hours

The uniform Shop is open Thursdays during the school term from 8:30am – 12pm during the school term. Orders can be made via Flexischools and are filled twice a week. Refer to Flexischools for cutoff times to order.

Mrs Kelly Oldfield- Uniform Shop Manager

Home and School

Family BBQ and Motiv8 Sports Fun

Home & School invites all families to join them under the COLA for an afternoon of friends, food and fantastic activities as we welcome in the new school year and get to know others in our school community.

The event will start at 12pm, Sunday 3rd March with time for students to free-play as we fire up the BBQ's and fry some veg burgers for lunch, along with drinks and dessert. After lunch Motiv8 Sports will be running an action-packed event for the students to blow off some steam while practising their active listening, teamwork and communication skills.

Tickets can be booked via the link below.

Join us in 2024

Volunteers are the heart of the Home and School and any involvement from our community, small or large, is valued and appreciated. With the commencement of 2024 there is an opportunity to find out more on what the Home and School offers the school and how you may like to be involved using the skills you enjoy using. If you would like to be involved or to request further information feel free to contact Michelle directly via the email below or fill in the form via this link and we can get back to you.

Mrs Michelle Roberts - Home and School President (

Bits and Pieces

Junior Rangers at the Wildflower Gardens

The Junior Rangers program is run by the Kuring-gai Council at the Wildflower Garden St Ives and runs weekly during the school terms on a Wednesday afternoon from 4pm-5:30pm. It is an after school activity for kids who love to be outdoors and enjoy spending time in nature. They will learn all about the Wildflower Garden’s plants and animals and pick up other essential skills along the way. It starts on the 7th of February for Term 1, the last week being the 10th of April. For further information please click the button below.