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"Live music is like opening a doorway into another world, where we can communicate without words, all together listening and speaking at the same time."
Promoting the new single "Reasons" with a series of live shows in Ventura and surrounding area.

Visual Art | Current Work

Navigating Infinity

Sold. Opening Reception. On Display Until September 24th, 2023


Navigating Infinity-H Gallery is a portrait series of eight contemporary paintings that serve as a unique bridge between digital art and real world art, incorporating high contrast colors and repetitive motif. The series offers participatory experiences for viewers both within physical galleries and through the realm of virtual reality, providing liminal space that contextualizes identity and transition.

H Gallery Opening Reception | May 2023

Artist Statement

“The series comes from a spark of inspiration, a desire to connect, to myself and to the world around me, and to bring into form with prankster aesthetic integrity the inexhaustible void of existence.” --Jason Brock

Navigating Infinity | 52 Weeks | No. 2 | NFT

"Navigating Infiinity"


Stargazers IRL and NFT Artworks

Stargazer Series: "There is no going back", "Cosmic Mic Drop", and "Wide-eyed in the face of a new reality" on display at Art City Gallery, 2022. NFT collectibles minted on the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains.


From Blowtorch Opera to OrangeHand to Art City Monsters, Jason Brock carves out wide grooves of sound in the independent music scene. As guitarist for Emily Richard’s he toured the US in a historic moment during the birth of online music distribution. As remix artist Spinningmerkaba, his Creative Commons remixes are featured in audio and video productions all over the world. Currently working on his next Album "California KIng" Brock’s solo effort and legacy continues to keep pace with the evolution of music culture.


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