Dear MCS Family,

I hope you're enjoying your summer and getting some much-needed rest and relaxation.

This week, our Board approved a new initiative to limit student access to cell phones, smartwatches, and social media at MSGA and MMS. Our goal is clear: to remove these distractions so students can focus on learning and engage more with their teachers and peers. We have provided a list of frequently asked questions, and you are welcome to contact your principal or me with any additional concerns.

Additionally, the Board is working on several exciting initiatives for the upcoming year. From school updates to providing new instructional resources and giving our teachers a well-deserved raise, this year is full of promise. We are all excited about the year to come.

Together, we are setting the standards for our children's success.



Marietta City Schools

Summary - Board of Education Meeting

June 18, 2024 | Regular Monthly Meeting

Special Recognition

The Marietta City Schools Board of Education recognized Majestic Plumbing & Electric.

The group has contributed to the College & Career Academy by providing hands-on learning opportunities for students at Marietta High School. This support has been pivotal in enhancing the students' practical skills, ensuring a seamless pipeline to the workforce. Majestic Plumbing & Electric also worked as mentors in preparation for the Skills Challenge at the Cobb County Civic Center in the fall. This annual event helps students showcase their talents and compete in various technical disciplines. MP&E also made a generous donation of $14,500 to help launch the MCS Blue Devil App.

Thank you to Majestic Plumbing & Electric and their employees, Kathy Clark, Brian Keller, Karla Adams, Daryl Booth, Luke Davis, Joe Morrison, and Shaeron Gray, for their outstanding support!

Board Meeting Approvals

  • Approval of Minutes - 5/14/24 Regular Monthly Meeting (7/0 - Approved)
  • Approval of Minutes - 6/11/24 Work Session (7/0 - Approved)
  • Marietta College & Career Academy Bylaws (7/0 - Approved)
  • Marietta Schools Foundation - Fiscal Agent Agreement (7/0 - Approved)
  • Human Resources Management Software - Power School (7/0 - Approved)
  • School Board Management Software - Simbli (7/0 - Approved)
  • Staffing Services - Kelly Services (7/0 - Approved)
  • Course Credit and Instruction Software - Imagine Learning (7/0 - Approved)
  • Tiered Intervention - MindPlay Education, LLC (7/0 - Approved)
  • Instructional Resource - Texthelp, Inc. (7/0 - Approved)
  • Interpreting Services - ALTA Language Services, Inc. (7/0 - Approved)
  • Medical Provider Services, Inc. (7/0 - Approved)
  • Palo Alto Firewall License Renewal - Lockstep Technology Group (7/0 - Approved)
  • Insurance - Property & Casualty/Fleet & Workers' Compensation (7/0 - Approved)
  • Gym Floor Refinishing - All Schools (7/0 - Approved)
  • Natural Gas Provider (7/0 - Approved)
  • Sound Systems - Marietta High School (7/0 - Approved)
  • Pot Washer - A.L. Burruss Elementary (7/0 - Approved)
  • Fundraisers (7/0 - Approved)
  • Field Trips (7/0 - Approved)
  • Financial Report
  • FY2025 General Fund Budget Adoption (7/0 - Approved)
  • Cell Phones, Smartwatches, and Social Media - Yondr (7/0 - Approved)
  • Executive Session (7/0 - Approved)
  • Approval of Personnel Action (6/0 - Approved)
  • Approval of Administrative Personnel Action (No action)