Threads of Empowerment Supporting Charity and Celebrating Diversity at Manchester Pride’

This summer, we embarked on a journey with the ADE research group in the department of materials, led by Dr. Simeon Gill. 🀝

The ADE team had the privilege of collaborating with The Men's Room, now renamed "Our Room" - an amazing charity dedicated to supporting individuals from all walks of life. You can learn more about their inspiring work at https://mroom.co.uk/ .

Dr. Simeon Gill and the ADE team conducted an open body scanning session for all members of Our Room. πŸ“Š Using cutting-edge technology, they captured body scans to create something truly unique - bespoke sweatshirt patterns for each individual!

These special sweatshirts are part of the "No Sweat Project," which focuses on utilising technology to craft bespoke patterns and garments. 🌐

The result? Five one-of-a-kind sweatshirts, perfectly tailored to the unique shapes and sizes of the participants. πŸ§΅βœ‚οΈ

But that is not all! These sweatshirts were taken and beautifully decorated to be proudly worn during the Manchester Pride celebrations 🌟🌈

We're immensely proud to have been a part of this project with Our Room. The below images show off the incredible bespoke sweatshirts that were created