St Mary's College Newsletter TERM 4, ISSUE 2

Message from the Principal

Ngaji gurrjin!

As we find ourselves moving quickly towards the end of the term and the 2023 school year, it's with great pleasure that I share with you the latest happenings at our beloved St. Mary’s College. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activities, events, and achievements, and it warms our hearts to witness the enthusiasm and energy radiating from our students each morning. We have so much more ahead of us before the end of term and we look forward to celebrating these significant events and celebrations together as a community.

The last couple of weeks have marked an important milestone for our Year 6 students as they participated in the much-anticipated Year 7 Orientation Day. This event provided a valuable glimpse into the high school experience for our transitioning students. We were delighted to host parents in the afternoon for an afternoon tea and information session, fostering connections between our St. Mary’s College parents and those joining our community for the first time. It was also a very important time for our new little kindy students and their families her readily prepare for their commencement at our College in 2024.

Our Gala Night at the secondary campus was a resounding success, bringing together our school community for an evening filled with joy, laughter, and celebration. The event showcased the diverse talents of our students and highlighted the sense of unity that defines St. Mary’s College.

Amidst the excitement of learning and current events, our dedicated staff are diligently finalising plans for the upcoming year. We are eager to share details with you soon, providing insight into the exciting initiatives and opportunities awaiting our students in 2024.

Thank you for entrusting us with the education and well-being of your children. We are proud to be part of such a vibrant and engaged community. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this enriching journey together.

Your ongoing support is truly appreciated.


Principal - Coby Rhatigan

Presentation Night

The St Mary's College community came together on Friday, 20 October to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our students and farewell our Year 12 graduating class. What a night It was!!! As day turned into night we were treated to a showcase of talent from our Primary classes as they strutted their stuff on stage. Secondary turned up the heat with musical performances and drama extravaganza's. Not to be outdone, students from K-12 were recognised for their academic achievements and demonstration of Christian Citizenship.

As the night drew to a close, it was time to say farewell to our Year 12s. Tears flowed, and smiles grew when they walked on stage to be acknowledged. Our community sang out loud and proud as the Blessing Song resonated through the night.

What an amazing community we have at St Mary's College! Thank you to our staff, families, and the wider community for your efforts.

Primary Christmas Concert

Primary Admin

All Souls Day Primary Visit

On Thursday, 2nd November, our school community visited the cemetery to remember our loved ones who have passed. Students brought flowers, said prayers and shared stories with one another. The respectful way that the students moved throughout the cemetery and looked out for one another was outstanding.

Mass was then celebrated as a community in the afternoon with many of our staff, students and their families in attendance.

Assistant Principal - Sara Burroughs

2024 Kindergarten Orientation Day

We are still excitedly interviewing Kindy students and we look forward to making their start of school very special! We had a wonderful induction with families and we are looking forward to all the little people and families visiting today.

St Mary's College Primary

Pre-Primary Gospel Assembly

On Tuesday the 31st of October, the Pre-primary cohort performed their Gospel Assembly, based on the religion unit of Prayer.

During this unit the students have been learning about how we pray and how to be a friend of Jesus.

The group performed the story of Martha and Mary which focused on how we can welcome new friends as well as the song ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ by Randy Newman. The students did a fantastic job.

Teachers - Darcy Pickett, Zoe Skewes and Kristi Pigram

Year 1 Bagulbagul Assembly

On Tuesday 24th October, the Year One Bagulbagul students performed their class assembly and wowed the audience with a guitar-fuelled performance on nouns, verbs and adjectives. The students sang about their knowledge of grammar and used their best dance moves to impress the audience.

Teacher - Marie-Luise Sleegers

Year 2 Bilari & Yirraman-ga Liturgy

On Friday the 4th of November, students from Bilari and Yirraman-ga joined to have their combined classroom Liturgy. We were joined by special guests Father Liam and Miss Antonietta who helped the Year 2 students celebrate the Liturgy’s theme of families and kindness.

Students read their Prayers of the Faithful and readings so beautifully and confidentially to their peers. The students started off the Liturgy by singing The Aboriginal version of Our Father, led by our amazing Miss Brigid who did a wonderful job using the tapping sticks to help the children with the beat of the song.

Surfing Years 3 - 6

Week 9 & 10 in Term 3, the Year 3-6 students participated in surfing lessons at Cable Beach. Surf coaches Raf & Mez have been teaching the students about water safety, how to get up on a board and how to navigate the waves.

What a fabulous opportunity for our students to learn to surf!

Teacher - Ben Goldie

Year 5 Jarrbu Mass

This Term, Jarrbu celebrated our class mass on Friday, October 27th which also marked World Teacher’s Day! We offered thanks to all our amazing teaching staff here at St Mary’s College and reflected on how by following in Jesus’ footsteps, we can teach others about God’s love.

Thank you to the parents who attended our class mass and who contributed to our class morning tea!

Teacher - Sarah Stewart

Year 6 Camp

Year 6 students flew to Perth on Monday 23rd to Friday 27th October for their annual camp. Shared below are stories from some of the Year 6 students.

Matilda Slager:  Camp was one of the best things I have done at school. The activities were amazing, such as bowling, Perth Mint, Parliament House, Kings Park and more. The teachers were awesome for helping us with everything they could. Learning new things and exploring it all. Hanging with my friends, the fun never ended.

Tehya Parriman:  My favourite memory of camp is going to the Perth Mint and to Parliament House. I liked these activities because when we went to the Perth Mint we got to see the big gold coin that Weighs 1 tonne, and they did a gold poor for us to watch. When we went to Parliament House we sat in the upper house and the lower house and when we left, they gave us a little gift. I was so upset that we had to leave Perth but at least I got to hang out with my friends and teachers for a week.

Caiden Blackmore: My favourite part about camp was when we went to Optus Stadium and we got to go in to the West Coast Eagles and Fremantle Dockers change rooms where I got got a photo with Thomas underneath Chris Judd’s locker. I got to coach the class in the debrief room on what we should do in the fourth quarter! We also went to the recovery room full of hot tubs and ice baths. Finally we went to the highest floor of Optus and saw the biggest AFL screen I have ever seen.

Jai’reece Bowring: Camp was the best thing we did all year. When we got there, we had free time to play, we all thought we were big shots and went into the blackout zone, we all got caught by a worker at the camp school this was one of the best things on camp but I wish we could’ve finished the whole thing. On Tuesday we went to Optus Stadium for a tour led by our tour guard Keith, I reckon this was the best thing we did all camp. We went to the locker rooms and got to see workers setting up for the Matilda’s game. They had three ice baths and one hot tub for the players, we even got to feel how cold the ice bath is. On Wednesday we went to the Perth mint, this activity was really cool, we saw a guy named Paul who did acting with Harry from Clontarf, and we poured 99.99% pure gold to make a gold bar. You wouldn’t believe how much money worth of gold was in the underground vaults $60 000 000 but why? Then we spent 3 hours at the Electoral Centre and at Parliament House. We learnt a lot of new information and even got to do a mock election. We went and saw the upper and lower house which was a cool and fun to do. Mr Will pushed in and got to be the speaker of the house. That is some of the things we did on camp.

Indiana Russell: Camp was one of the best things that I have done though my whole primary schooling. We did a lot of cool things but getting to go to Perth was one of the best. Going to the Optus Stadium, Perth Mint and the Zoo were only half of the things we got to do. We stayed at Swan Valley Adventure Centre it had so much stuff to do there. Camp was amazing and it was great that the teachers organised it.

Feedback from Terry our bus driver who looked after us for the week getting us safely around Perth “You and your team were an absolute pleasure, so refreshing to meet such a great bunch. Thank you”

Assistant Principal - Keryn Moase

Parish Christmas Nativity Play

Assistant Principal - Antonietta Scriva

Primary AFL 9s Carnival

Well done to the students who participated in the AFL 9s Competition on Cable Beach on Tuesday 24th October.

The students participated in a range of games against schools from all over the Kimberley region and spent the day alongside AFL players, playing footy, scoring some great prizes, having a sausage sizzle for lunch and getting a swim in to finish off the day.

Teacher - Ben Goldie

Primary Multi Sports Carnival

This term, SMC primary students took to the courts and fields at BRAC on Friday 3rd November, Week 4, to compete in the Interschool Multi Sport Carnival. The Year 5/6 Cricket teams, Year 3/4.

Indoor Soccer teams and Year 5/6 Tennis teams played exceptionally well and competed fiercely all day. Well done to all teams and congratulations to our boys cricket team who took out first place!

Thanks to Mr Nathan, Miss Melissa, Mr Will & Fallsy for their coaching and help on the day.

Teacher - Ben Goldie

Interschool Soccer

On Monday 30th of October the St Mary’s College Year 4-6 students attended Cable Beach Primary School for the first ever interschool soccer tournament to be hosted in Broome.

Making history, students participated in a series of friendly games with the support of the Football Futures Foundation who have been running soccer clinics on both primary and secondary campuses for the duration of Term 3 and Term 4.

St Mary’s students were wonderful representatives of our College showing great sportsmanship and spirit.

Thank you to Mr Ben Goldie for supporting this event, Ray Cilia from Cable Beach Primary and Art Hiemstra from Football Futures Foundation.

Assistant Principal - Antonietta Scriva

Earth Incursion Book Donation

Marine scientist Dr. Marji Puotinen from the Kids Care About Climate Change initiative following an incursion that was held for both primary and secondary students visited our primary library to donate the book ‘Hatch Saves the Reef’

HATCH saves the reef, is a heart-warming family adventure with love for the ocean and its creatures at its heart.

The book is a call to action to readers that we all have a part to play in protecting the environment and the world's oceans.

Hatch encourages that we can all make a difference and inspires us to be strong, follow our instincts, dare to dream, and be resilient when faced with adversity.

Author Mrs Judith Stutchbury received the 2023 Prime Minister's Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Primary Schools. Mrs Stuchbury educates students about the importance of marine conservation and how their actions will make a difference.

Assistant Principal - Antonietta Scriva

Remembrance Day

On Friday 10th of November, the whole college celebrated Remembrance Day by sharing in classroom liturgies including a minute silence at 11.00am.

Thank you to primary and secondary teachers for facilitating the liturgy in their classrooms.

Assistant Principal - Antonietta Scriva

Kids Telethon Institute

The Kids Telethon Institute brought a wave of excitement to St Mary's Primary Campus as they embarked on an engaging educational journey with the year three, four, and five students. With a focus on promoting a healthy body and good hygiene practices, the institute infused interactive sessions and hands-on activities into their lessons.

The students eagerly absorbed valuable lessons on the importance of nutritious diets, regular exercise, and maintaining proper personal hygiene. The Telethon team's dynamic approach not only made learning about health enjoyable but also fostered a sense of responsibility among the young minds to take charge of their well-being.

As a result, the Kids Telethon Institute left an indelible mark on the students, equipping them with essential knowledge for a lifetime of health and vitality.

Teacher - Jacob Windle

Spooky Disco Party

What a fabulous fundraising and friendraising event for our College! SOOOOOOO much spoooky fun! Thank you to the P&F and all staff involved!

Parent & Friends Association

Year 7 Orientation Day

The secondary campus welcomed Year 6 students from our primary campus and other Broome Primary Schools to our Orientation Day on Friday, 10 November. The day began with a 'getting to know you session'. Students learnt more about their Houses, Heads of House and other students in their House. From here the excitement began. Students explored the College in a safe and inclusive manner, having a go at multiple activities such as food technology, digital technologies, STEM (which may or may not have involved marshmallows ;) and the creation of a House cheer.

It was amazing to see lots of families attend the Family Information Session and afternoon tea. The level of involvement and commitment by our families to their child's success is very obvious. We can't wait till next year!!!

Please enjoy the students' House cheers below.

Deputy Principal of Pastoral Care - Jane Bennett

Year 9 English/ HASS Excursion

On Wednesday 1st November our class took an excursion up to One Arm Point, Ardyaloon Aboriginal Community, Bardi Jawi Country.

With the recent 2023 Referendum failing to change the constitution for the First Peoples of Australia. Bonnie and I thought we'd do a cross curricular project to inform Year 9 English/HASS on how to become active citizens in Australia's Democracy.

Massive thank you to Jack from Clontarf for driving the bus, Stanley for being our technician guy and Helen for showing us how to fish. It was a long 12-hour day but turn out to be an awesome and enjoyable day!

Teachers - Annalis Harbin & Bonnie Anderson

2024 Student Leaders

St Mary’s College would like to congratulate and announce our 2024 Year 12 Student Leaders. All applicants were required to nominate, record a speech and have an interview with the College Principal -phew!

This rigorous process resulted in an amazing group of individuals, with the student voice and College values at their core. We look forward to working with each and every one of them throughout next year.

Deputy Principal of Pastoral Care - Jane Bennett

All Souls Day - Secondary

On Tuesday morning 2nd November, Year 9 Religion classes went across to the cemetery on All Souls Day to help clean up in preparation for the Mass later that afternoon. The students were all really happy to visit their loved ones who have passed on, and to help clean up their resting places.

The students told Miss Cherie, Miss Wendi and Mr Simon some fantastic stories about their loved ones and their lives. Thank you to the Year 9 cohort for cleaning up our cemetery!

Teachers - Wendi Torres & Cherie Milne

Year 12 Graduation

On Wednesday 18th October, with great pleasure, St Mary's College congratulated the graduating class of 2023. It was a very special time for all involved and a huge thank you goes out to the Head of House Team, staff and families for making this so special, and helping each and every student complete their secondary education.

The Year 12 final day began with an intimate breakfast gathering of families, graduates, and St Mary's College staff. Students received their signature bears and gathered memories to keep with them for a lifetime.

As night fell, we gathered again at Our Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral. Students and families enjoyed an emotional Graduation Mass. The students received a blessing from Fr Liam and the congregation sang The Blessing Song, a very unique tradition at St Mary's College.

Students then changed out of the College uniforms for the last time and glammed up for their Graduation Dinner. Broome Surf Life Saving Club was transformed, and a huge crowd turned out for a 3-course meal. We were treated to a beautiful Kimberley sunset as we farewelled our graduating class for the final time.

Deputy Principal of Pastoral Care - Jane Bennett


St Mary’s College shines at YOHFEST Finals in Perth!

On Friday 27th October our SMC students flew to Perth for the YOHFEST Finals. We are thrilled to share the resounding success of St Mary’s College. The event saw nine incredibly talented students from our school perform an outstanding rendition of "The Bachelor," and their hard work and dedication were duly recognised with the Entertainment Value Merit Certificate.

Micah Hegarty, Lei Yuen, Amelia Mitchell, Jesse Roberson, Kaedan McPherson-Stanbridge, Kira-Bo Rudd, Leena Muller, Tyler Nunn and Grant Leong truly embodied the spirit of performance and represented St. Mary’s College, with immense pride. Their stellar conduct throughout the entire weekend showcased not only their talent but also their commendable commitment to upholding the values of our college.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to EVERYONE who played a part in making our journey to the YOHFEST Finals in Perth possible. Though it's impossible to name everyone individually, please know that we are sincerely thankful for the collective effort and support that helped us showcase our talents on such a grand platform. We would however like to acknowledge Miss Coby, Miss Amy, Mr Justin, Mr Daniel, Mr Simon and our parents.

The achievement of receiving the Entertainment Value Merit Certificate stands as a testament to the hard work, passion, and dedication of our students. They not only represented the school but also themselves with incredible poise and talent, making us immensely proud.

It's a bittersweet moment as we bid farewell to Axel, Aster, Ella, Mary-Anne, Charlotte, Svetlana, Charity, Riley, and Courtney - the characters of the Bachelor who have left an indelible mark with their exploration of the theme of ‘Respect’ and will be dearly missed. However, we are already looking to embracing the theme of 2024 YOHFEST: ‘INCLUSION’ which presents an exciting opportunity for fresh creativity, watch this space….

Teacher - Cara Webling

Cinefest Oz Community Day

On Wednesday 25th through to Friday 27th October, Cinefest Oz was held at Goolarri Media . The event was a fabulous opportunity for our students to experience the wonderful world of film, learning and fun!

Thanks to staff who supported and arranged this opportunity!

Teacher - Ben Court

Kimberley 9s AFL Carnival

On Wednesday the 25th October, students were invited to attend a AFL carnival at Cable Beach from the Fremantle Dockers Purple Hands foundation. The Kimberley 9s AFL Carnival is an event which is a joint initiative been the Purple Hands Foundation, the Fremantle Football Club and WA Police to help engage youth in attendance at school.

The students started the day with receiving a Kimberley designed shirt by students, the day continued with a Welcome to Country Ceremony and then moved into games of football on Cable Beach. Fremantle Dockers players, Kimberley Spirit and the Police all helped run, organise and participate in the games. Students played on the beach with sand between their toes, and smiles on their faces. St Mary’s College played with pride, enthusiasm and great sportsmanship. All students should be proud of their efforts on the day.

Teacher - Brooke Bennett

Deadly Sista Girlz Leadership Summit

On Wednesday 8th until Friday 10th November, Anna from DSG went to Perth with 4 Yr 10 Indigenous girls on a leaderships summit.

The leaderships summit was held at the West Coast Eagles function room in Lathlain. The girls was very excited to create new friendship and bond with other DSG girls from around Perth Metro and had the privilege of meeting Noongar eldest ladies as special guest speakers.

DSG Coordinator and Mentor - Anna Kelly

SMC Clontarf Cricket Carnival - Years 7-10

On Thursday 2nd November, St Mary’s Clontarf Year 7 – 9s & Primary teams featured in the annual West Kimberley Cricket Carnival competition competing against Derby, Fitzroy, Broome Senior & Cable Beach Primary academies.

Cricket is not the first choice game for most boys however, everyone gave it a fair go and even through some very suspect bowling actions there was great skills displayed throughout the day.

Derby pipped St Mary’s to take out the high school trophy & the St Mary’s primary team came out on top undefeated for the day.

Tra’vantae Donation & Macklyn Buckley took out the Clontarf Spirit Award for not only playing some great cricket, but for showing great sportsmanship and support throughout the carnival.

Thanks to all the travelling teams for supporting the event and for making it a memorable day for all the boys involved.

We look forward to competing again next year and we will be gunning for both cups!

Operations Officer, St Mary's Academy - Sam Parrot

St Mary's Clontarf Academy - End of Year Awards

The annual Clontarf Awards Night was held at Notre Dame Hall on Tuesday 1st November. It was a great evening full of smiling faces with roughly 200 people in attendance.

There were some great videos recapping the year and plenty of happy award winners. Year 12 Graduates each received a pair of embroidered shorts along with their certificates and portfolios. Lemarion Munday gave a heart-warming captains speech after he received his award which was a great way to cap off the graduates journey's through Clontarf.

The night was topped off with some lovely food from local restaurant Mr Saigon. Everyone stayed after the event to enjoy some food and a chat on the grass with friends and family.

Operations Officer St Mary's Academy - Jack Schyman

SEN Class - Blue Tongues Visit to School

A big thank you to Yvonne, Emma-Kate and Kirsty-Amanada’s mum, for bringing in two very special visitors to our learning space last week. Brother and sister blue tongued lizards, “Bubbles” and “Bobbles”, were surprisingly cuddly, despite their scales and blue tongues.

We learnt that blue tongues make excellent pets, that they love to be held, that they eat vegetables and mince, and that they can live to be 30 years of age. In Australia a licence is needed to have blue tongued lizards as pets, so we were very lucky to have them visit our College. Thank you again Yvonne

Director of Learning Diversity - Natalie Giancono

Gala Night

The SMC Gala night was held on Wednesday 8th November on the school grounds. There was an amazing display from the Art and Technologies areas as student work was displayed around the school in a showcase of talent. There were drama and dance performances as well as several musical items presented on the evening.

While these were performed Parents, students and members of the community could also view a magnificent art and textiles display showcasing the excellent work that students have produced in 2023. Also on display were the interactive games that students had built in Digital technology and a series of Wood Design pieces highlighting the precision and beauty that is working with wood.

To top it all off, Parents could also join in and have a go with the pottery wheels and experience the joy of being a students again and learning practically about the amazing things happening in the Arts and Technologies in SMC.

2025 Madalah Scholarship

Deputy Principal in Curriculum - Simon Jones

TAIJI Exchange

Applications for the St Mary’s College Immersion Programme 2024 with schools in our Sister-city, Taiji Japan were opened up to students in Years 10, 11 and 12 in 2024 . We received some very impressive applications and we are now in the process of selecting students for this incredible experience.

It is anticipated that we will visit Taiji in April 2024.

If you need any clarification or further information please email Anthea at anthea.demin@cewa.edu.au

St Mary's College

End of year Uniform shop closure

Business Manager - Amy Hyett

School fees

Thank you to families who have arranged payment of 2023 school fees.

Please be reminded that fees are to be paid in full by 8 December 2023.

For those of you who have not yet finalised fees, please get in touch with either Daniel or Amy (click on the quick email links below), to work through all the options available to you, or phone us on 9194 9500. We are more than happy to help you to explore all the payment options and methods.

Parent Connection Information Session

Primary Counsellor - Cara Turner