Arthur Foss Ship Husbandry Services

Global Diving & Salvage: Preserving History Through Ship Husbandry

At Global Diving & Salvage, we are committed to more than just our commercial endeavors. We believe in giving back to our maritime community and preserving its rich history.

We are honored to have provided pro bono ship husbandry services to the Arthur Foss Tugboat, the oldest wooden floating tug in the world!

A Glimpse of Maritime History

The tugboat Arthur Foss, a true maritime legend and National Historic Landmark, has stood the test of time for over a century. Built in 1889, this iconic vessel holds a special place in maritime history as the oldest wooden floating tug in the United States, and possibly the world. With a storied past, including service during the Alaska Gold Rush, both World Wars, and countless tow jobs along the West Coast, the Arthur Foss is more than just a tugboat; she's a living testament to the maritime legacy of the Pacific Northwest.

When she started taking on more water than usual for an old wooden boat, Northwest Seaport Maritime Heritage Center called Global Diving and Salvage, whose skilled dive team developed and implemented a comprehensive plan to survey the hull and develop a mitigation plan.

“Northwest Seaport is a small non-profit organization and are grateful for the support of industry partners like Global Diving and Salvage who also appreciate the importance of preserving our maritime heritage.”

NW Seaport's Fleet

The Arthur Foss isn't the only historical vessel that NW Seaport maintains. They have a fleet of ​Museum ships including the Tordenskjold, Arthur Foss, and Lightship No. 83 "SWIFTSURE." They are open to the public for viewing, educational programs, special events, festivals, overnight programs, and vessel stewardship activities!

Photo Credit: NW Seaport Maritime Heritage Center

Click below to read more about the Arthur Foss' History and the rest of NW Seaport's Fleet.

Watch the team in Action!

As they prepare to carry out work to the Arthur Foss.

Looking Forward

Together, we are proud to have played a part in safeguarding the Arthur Foss Tugboat for generations to come. As we reflect on our efforts during this quarter, we are reminded that the maritime industry isn't just about commerce; it's about preserving history and culture. At Global Diving & Salvage, we remain committed to giving back to our community and protecting the treasures that have shaped our industry.

As always, we are thankful to our team for their skill and dedication and to organizations like Northwest Seaport Maritime Heritage Center for their partnership in this endeavor.

Volunteer Opportunities with NW Seaport

There are so many opportunities for you to come down to the Historic Ships Wharf and be a part of something special! Come welcome visitors aboard the ships, assist the shipwright with woodworking, troubleshoot mechanical dilemmas with the engineer, or get the ships brightly painted with the deck crew.

Just e-mail them at and let them know what sort of activities you are interested, your availability, and how to contact you. You can also check out their volunteer page on their website, just click the link below!

Stay tuned for more updates and stories from Global Diving & Salvage as we continue to explore the depths and preserve the past.

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