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The variation observed between parents and their offspring is due to meiotic recombination called crossover. The crossover takes place during gamete formation and is based on exchange of chromosomal segments between parental chromosomes. In consequence, novel combinations of alleles are generated. We are interested in how crossovers are formed and how they are regulated.

Different factors that control meiotic recombination: acting in cis and trans Modified from Ziolkowski and Henderson, New Phytologist 2017.

Our primary research model is Arabidopsis thaliana - favoured species of plant scientists. However, we work also on maize and barley.

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Selected papers

Dluzewska J, Dziegielewski W, Szymanska-Lejman M, Gazecka M, Henderson IR, Higgins JD, Ziolkowski PA. (2023) MSH2 stimulates interfering and inhibits non-interfering crossovers in response to genetic polymorphism. Nat Commun 14: 6716.

Szymanska-Lejman M, Dziegielewski W, Dluzewska J, Kbiri N, Bieluszewska A, Poethig RS, Ziolkowski PA. (2023) The effect of DNA polymorphisms and natural variation on crossover hotspot activity in Arabidopsis hybrids. Nat Commun 14: 33.

Bieluszewski T*, Sura W*, Dziegielewski W*, Bieluszewska A, Lachance C, Kabza M, Szymanska-Lejman M, Abram M, Wlodzimierz P, De Winne N, De Jaeger G, Sadowski J, Côté J & Ziolkowski PA (2022) NuA4 and H2A.Z control environmental responses and autotrophic growth in Arabidopsis. Nat Commun 13: 277.

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Blackwell AR, Dluzewska J, Szymanska-Lejman M, Desjardins S, Tock AJ, Kbiri N, Lambing C, Lawrence EJ, Bieluszewski T, Rowan B, Higgins JD, Ziolkowski PA, Henderson IR (2020) MSH2 shapes the meiotic crossover landscape in relation to interhomolog polymorphism in Arabidopsis. EMBO J 39: e104858.

Sura W, Kabza M, Karlowski WM, Bieluszewski T, Kus-Slowinska M, Pawełoszek Ł, Sadowski J, Ziolkowski PA (2017) Dual role of the histone variant H2A.Z in transcriptional regulation of stress-response genes. Plant Cell 29: 791-807.

Ziolkowski PA, Underwood CJ, Lambing C, Martinez-Garcia M, Lawrence EJ, Ziolkowska L, Griffin C, Choi K, Franklin FC, Martienssen RA, Henderson IR. (2017) Natural variation and dosage of the HEI10 meiotic E3 ligase control Arabidopsis crossover recombination. Genes Dev 31: 306-317.

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