It's one of my favorite cities in the world, and one of the first international cities I ever visited as a young man. That's probably where my love affair with London began, and I felt very fortunate to get to share my love of London and photography with my co-instructor, Mimo Meidany, and 12 fun-loving, serious photographers (including two from England).

Here are some photos from our workshop, which was an absolute blast. We had great weather, amazing meals, and so many fun shooting opportunities. It was one of my most-fun workshops yet. I can't wait to go back.

Lederball Market, right after our dawn shoot – it's usually packed with people, so getting there early was a must (though, we had four morning shoots before we even got here to give you an idea of what we get done before breakfast. Though right after this, we headed straight back for a super yummy breakfast, and then onto the classroom to edit our images and learn some cool new Lightroom and Photoshop stuff.
The group was a little concerned when I told them we were going to shoot down in the London Tube (their Subway system), until they saw the light at this station. One of our crew has already won an award for the image they made down there. In fact, a number of them went back to the Baker Street Station after the workshop had concluded.
Above: I rented a capsule just for our group on the famous London Eye (the world's largest Ferris Wheel). It takes 30 minutes to make one rotation, and I bought everybody special lens hoods so we could shoot through the glass without any reflections, and they work brilliantly.
The Millennial Bridge leading toward London's famous St. Paul's Cathedral. Normally, it's packed with people, but if you get there early enough.....
Some shots of us on location shooting away!
This was the light at one of our sunset locations (we usually have more than one).
That's us again – on location and in the classroom.
Long Exposure are something we do a lot, and here's one on London's famous Tower Bridge.
The night before the workshop, we got together for a fun, casual dinner to get to know each other, have some laughs, eat some yummy dinner (we went to a French restaurant, which was awesome), and we got our first briefing for the next day's dawn shoot.
This is another one of those location that is normally absolutely packed with tourists – London's famous Trafalgar Square. Packed. But we stopped here for 10 minutes on the way back from our dawn shoot, figuring there wouldn't be anybody there (tourists don't like getting up early).
We did a model shoot at this location, but just shooting the location, with Big Ben in the background, was great at this time of day (late in the day).
This shot is just a one-minute walk from where the last shot was taken. Another long exposure (one of the participants won the "best shot of the week" trophy for their shot of this scene – a pano in full color.
This, and Big Ben (technically, that's the name of the bell inside the Elizabeth Tower), are the two most well-known landmarks, and this one we shot with a long exposure.
Just before dawn.
We got special permission for our group to shoot in a pumping station designed in the Victorian era.
This high view of Parliament and the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) was taken from inside the London Eye Capsule using those special lens hoods.
More shots from the London Tube.
Our parting shot is from our sunset shoot at the famous Royal Albert Hall. It was a wonderful night, at a very special place.

Thanks for letting me share a little of my workshop with you. Cheers.