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Inspiring the next generation of conservation stewards

The Nature's Best Ambassadors Program is a dynamic initiative designed to actively engage and involve a new generation of nature photographers and conservation storytellers. The project aims to harness the power of emerging talent, technology, and public engagement to inspire audiences today and tomorrow, transforming the way we view and promote conservation awareness and action.

As NBP approaches its 30th year of operations, we recognize the need to develop additional tools and strategies in order to grow and share our impact on a global scale. The Ambassador team will help ensure NBP programs remain innovative and relevant for emerging photographers worldwide. Their unique social media skill sets, energy, and storytelling capabilities will amplify our natural history messaging and youth-directed activities as we chart the course for a vibrant and sustainable future.

The Ambassador Team

Isaac Spotts, NBP Youth Photographer of the Year 2018

Isaac Spotts is a professional wildlife photographer and influencer based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Since winning the NBP Youth Photographer of the Year award, Isaac has grown his audience to hundreds of thousands of followers. Isaac’s approach to social media differs from the traditional nature story-telling, putting his personal profile at the forefront and using it to share his photographic techniques and his many adventures in the wild. Learn more about Isaac on his website and follow him on Instagram and TikTok.

Meline Ellwanger, current NBP Youth Photographer of the Year 2023

Meline Ellwanger is a wildlife photographer from Reutlingen, Germany. She has been studying in the US for the past 4 years, and is now attending Montana State University pursuing a degree in Wildlife Ecology. She has traveled extensively with her camera, seeking out unique locations around the world to document and share her experiences. Meline's life mission is to evoke profound emotions and a deeper public connection to nature through her images.

As an aspiring mentor for young girls in the photography industry, she aims to support them in achieving their dreams. Being part of a new generation of nature photographers, Meline strives to raise awareness about the significance of safeguarding our natural wonders and the importance of preserving them for future generations. Learn more on her website and follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

Zander Galli, Youth Photographer of the Year and Mkapa Awards Youth International Winner 2021

Zander Galli is a passionate wildlife and conservation photographer. He has traveled to seven continents collaborating with conservationists in the field and advancing his understanding of the most pressing issues and their solutions. Currently, he is a student at Stanford University where he is studying Computer Science and Earth Systems. Zander is interested in the connections among wildlife, ecosystems, and people, and focuses his nature messaging around these themes. Originally from Florida and Maryland, he is now based in the heart of California's Silicon Valley, and positioned to tap into the technology trends that are driving nature story-telling forward. Learn more about Zander on his website and follow him on Instagram.

Sadie Hine, Mkapa Awards Youth International Winner 2022

Sadie Hine is a nature photographer from Colorado and student at Cal Poly Humboldt in California, where she is majoring in Wildlife Biology. Sadie is interested in the diversity of the natural world and enjoys working with a variety of different subjects, ranging from salamanders to owls to nudibranchs and more. Sadie’s focus on backyard wildlife and storytelling appeals to a broad audience of young photographers exploring nature close to home. Learn more by following Sadie on Instagram.

Carolina Fraser, Youth Highly Honored 2019 and Audubon Grand Prize Winner 2021

Carolina Fraser is a 23 year old living in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She has been passionate about photography since she was ten when she began taking photos with her mom's point-and-shoot camera. Though recently battling chronic pain, she remains passionate about photography and has worked in several photography archives. Carolina has been featured as a Nature's Best and Audubon Photo Awards finalist several times and was inspired by an NBP Awards exhibition she attended many years ago. Learn more on Carolina's website and follow her on Instagram.

David Rosenzweig, NBP Youth Photographer of the Year 2016

David Rosenzweig, of New York, USA, is a photographer and conservationist. As an independent NBP consultant, David is helping us plan for a sustainable future full of benefits for photographers, NBP Awards program participants, and the Nature's Best Ambassadors team. David works as Chief of Staff for Impact Investing in Africa with AGI Africa. He is a strategist with experience in developing operating models, managing teams, and implementing products to effectively deliver on company-wide objectives. Learn more and follow him on Instagram.

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