Prep School Newsletter Friday 6 October 2023

The long awaited Sponsored Walk is fast approaching ! This is a highlight on the School calendar and we hope the weather allows us to have a wonderful day at the end of this busy first half term, on Friday 20 October. You will receive links to sign up forms providing us with valuable information to ensure the day is a success. We will be raising funds for Folly Wildlife, Action for AT, and APOPO. Please follow the link to our funding page.

Thank you to all parents who attended our first Early Years Focus Groups today. It was an incredibly useful time to discuss how to ensure KC Prep continues to thrive and offer the best possible provision for our children. More meetings to follow this half term for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Mrs Nicola Groenen: groenenn@kentcolleg.kent.sch.uk

In a pretty French town, Bookish Belle is ready to start a new chapter. Life isn’t quite the Paris-dise she’s been dreaming of. She’s just a ‘Oui’ bit different and longs to find some adventure. Book your place NOW and come along on the adventure!

What happened in school this week?

Forest Explorers

We loved the story of The Tiger Who Came To Tea and lots of us decided we should buy a tin of tiger food just in case it ever happened to us! We made some lovely tiger faces which we painted bright orange and used our super cutting skills to make the stripes.


This week in Forest Fun the children went on a leaf hunt. Following reading the story of the Leaf Thief written by Alice Hemming and Nicola Slater, we searched high and low for all the different leaves we could find. Back in the classroom, we used our magnifying glasses and best detective skills to work out which leaves we had found and which tree they belonged to. It was a brilliant morning of exploring and detective work.

Year 1

The children really enjoyed meeting Kimba this week as part of our celebration for National Poetry Day. Along with Year 2 they created a rap of their own and loved watching Kimba perform some of his own raps during their workshop. They have also been working very hard in their maths lessons, learning the different mathematical vocabulary for explaining bigger and smaller numbers, including larger, greater than, fewer and less than. They learnt a funny rhyme, " the gator always eats what's greater" to help them know which way to draw the symbol to show the larger number. They completed lots of practical activities as well as their workbooks and enjoyed feeding the gator his lunch of the bigger numbers!

Year 2

Step into the fascinating world of Year 2 as they embark on an exciting Mini Beast Safari! With magnifying glasses in hand, our budding scientists have been on a mission to discover the hidden wonders of our natural environment. Equipped with curious minds and a thirst for knowledge, they scoured the School grounds, peeking under leaves and rocks, carefully observing the tiny inhabitants of our ecosystem.

On Sunday 1st October Maisie travelled to Barleylands in Essex to take part in a showjumping competition. She started the day with the 40cm jump which she won from 18 starters, including adults. She then went on to jump 50cm with her new pony Shrek and was placed 6th from 22 starters, again including adults. She was the youngest competitor in all of her events on the day. Congratulations Maisie, you are a superstar!

Year 3

In maths this week, Year 3 children have been comparing numbers to 1,000. Using the greater than, less than and equals symbols they have been able to create accurate statements.

Year 4

In science, Year 4 have been making oobleck with cornflour and water. When they were playing with it, it appeared to be a solid and a liquid! They set off to investigate how it actually works. They found that it has to do with particle size and how these interact with water. Cornflour has a very small, fine texture and when mixed with water, the starch particles suspend rather than dissolve. When oobleck is still or stirred slowly, the water surrounding each starch particle allows the mixture to flow smoothly. However, when pressure is suddenly added – such as the surface of the oobleck being struck by a spoon or the mixture being squeezed – the starch particles compress together, temporarily pushing the water out of the suspension and making the mixture behave like a solid. So interesting!

Year 5

One of the highlights this week has been Year Five's tree challenge, undertaken in Outdoor Learning. Armed with tree identification information and an iPad, they identified the deciduous trees in our grounds, discussed the similarities and differences between leaves and then photographed their findings. Using an amazing collage app they presented their leaf filled learning.

Year 6

This week in Year Six, we have had a poetastic week! We really enjoyed our session with Kimba on Tuesday, where we learnt about SHAMPOO! and how that helps to structure our writing. We ended the session by creating our own poems, which we are giving you a little taste of here, before joining Hip-Hopping with Kimba!

Sport News

It has been a busy week for the Prep Hockey Teams! From our Forest Explorers learning to pass and defend, and the great success of our U10 and U11 Teams.

Congratulations to the U11 Team that come 3rd at the Sutton Valance Tournament. The U10 Team played against Radnor House and won 5 out of their 6 games. Well done everyone. Isabella and Cyra winning Special Player of the Tournament awards.

We were invited to participate at the U11 Cross Country Competition at Somerhill School this week and we were very proud of our Team. A special mention goes out to Imi for her wonderful 6th place on the day!

Reception had a wonderful morning at Trampolining in their PE lesson. A lot of bouncing and tumbling happened with lots of smiles!

Have a wonderful weekend!