LIFE HACKS: Baking Edition By: Hayden Hunt

Baking is something almost everyone can enjoy. Whether mixing and measuring in the kitchen or just waiting to eat a delicious treat, baking is a generally enjoyable part of many people's lives. Here are a few life hacks to help my fellow bakers out there always succeed in the kitchen.

#1: Olive oil for sticky situations

One of the most annoying parts of baking is measuring out a sticky ingredients, such as honey or peanut butter, and having to thoroughly wash the measuring cup, not even knowing if it was measured properly. This life hack seems like the perfect answer.

Rating: 10/10 I was a bit skeptical about this hack at first, but it worked perfectly and was super easy to clean up. At first, I was a little worried about the olive oil impacting the flavor or consistency of the honey but it really didn't and my measuring cup was super easy to clean afterwards.

#2 In a pinch? Marshmallows to the rescue!

Putting frosting on a hot treat will lead to any decorations melting off. When people can’t wait for the cake, cupcake, cookie, or other baked goods to cool they will put it in the freezer. However, if there is no time for that, a marshmallow on top of the cupcakes while they are still in the oven seems to be the solution.

6/10 The marshmallows slid off of the cupcakes a little bit and I had to put them back on after they melted. It didn't take any longer than it does for the cupcakes to cook and was very easy to do. Plus, the result was fun, cute and my family really enjoyed the results. Though, they would not choose a marshmallow cupcake over one with regular frosting

#3 If it fails the sizzle test, don’t let it rest

When making bread it’s hard to tell sometimes if it is entirely cooked all the way through. One way to check is by licking the bottom of a finger and tapping the middle of the bottom of the pan. If it sizzles, the bread is cooked all the way through, if it doesn’t, then the bread is still doughy in the middle.

10/10 This hack was fun and useful. My bread was cooked all the way through and I didn't need to cut it open or anything in order to check. My mom uses this hack a lot when she makes bread and I will definitely be doing it anytime I make bread from now on.