West Leigh Juniors Weekly News 3rd noVEMBER 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you all enjoyed a good half term break. The children are certainly more rested - even after the excesses of Halloween!

As we begin a new half term, there is much to look forward to with further auditions and casting for our school performance of Oliver Jr!, Christmas performances and celebrations, the Year 4 presentation, and of course, autumn term assessments. We were also delighted to see the start of our new chess club this week and are extremely grateful to the parents who will be running the club every Friday.

Cheryl Woolf

Executive Headteacher

Year 3

It has been a very successful first week back after the half term break. The children came back rested and ready to learn, despite it being rather wet during our outdoor activities. With this in mind, please can we remind you that the children must come to school dressed for the weather. We aim to still go out at break and lunch times even in the rain, so waterproof coats are an essential at this time of year.

Our English lessons have see the introduction of our new layered reading text “ Ug Boy Genius Of The Stone Age”, by Raymond Briggs. The children enjoyed the illustrations and comic style layout of this book. They have begun to plan a diary entry in character as Dugs - Ug’s mother. The children will be exploring her feelings and frustrations next week.

Maths has seen a focus on times tables with the children learning lots of methods and games to help them to learn their multiplication facts. It would be wonderful if you could support them with this at home by playing some of these games that the children will be able to teach you, such as ‘FizzBuzz’. This week, the children have been competing in the ‘Battle of The Bands’ on TTRS. The current scores are very tight so it could be any of the four classes taking the winning title on Monday.

Connected Curriculum learning has been focused on researching and comparing the Palaeolithic and Neolithic diets. The children created beautiful menus, doing their best to make the dishes sound appetising (although we doubt that we will be sampling raw sardines wrapped in leaves for breakfast anytime soon!). The children applied their knowledge from science to explain which of the two diets was more balanced according to the Eatwell plate.

We wish you all a very relaxing weekend and if you are enjoying any of the many firework displays, please take care and ensure the children enjoy them from a safe distance.

Letters sent home this week:

Year 4

It has been lovely to welcome the children back after their half term break full of stories of the fun they have had.

In maths, we have continued to work on times tables knowledge, introducing the formal methods for multiplication. It is no surprise that the children who are secure in their tables facts and those who have been regularly practising on TT Rockstars have had fewer issues with their understanding. Some of the bands have also moved onto formal division where we have used the long division method when dividing single digits into a number. This will support understanding of division as the children move up the school.

In English lessons, we have introduced the children to the genre of science fiction. We have considered the themes as well as the clear links with technology and science. The children have also reviewed previous learning of story structure, demonstrating their knowledge from previous learning on adventure stories. They have designed and described their own alien characters as well as the type of worlds where their science fiction stories might be set.

PSHCE lessons have focused on the topic of bullying. Throughout this half term, the children will be developing their understanding of what constitutes bullying, the types of bullying that people might encounter and also what we as groups and individuals can do to manage and tackle issues of this kind.

Sound is our new topic in science and our first lesson started with a bit of a bang! The children began by thinking about the definition of sound as well as how it travels. Through a range of different investigations, they concluded that sound is a form of energy, caused by vibrations.

4B completed their second visit to the beach this week. They honed their scavenging skills locating and collecting a wide range of natural and man-made items which were used to create a wide range of beach mosaics including boats, 'mer-people' and sea creatures.

Letters sent home this week:

Year 5

It has been wonderful to witness the children's renewed energy and enthusiasm following our break.

In English, they have immersed themselves in "The Great Wave," a story inspired by Katsushika Hokusai - a renowned Japanese artist. They have identified and explored emotive language and used this newfound knowledge to craft Haikus and sonnets that reflect the emotions of different seasons. It has been a joy to see them actively engaging with the text, using their imaginations and creativity to produce unique poetry.

In maths, the children have deepened their understanding of division, focusing on the expanded method to demonstrate their problem-solving approach.

During our science lessons this week, the children have been exceptionally engaged and enthusiastic. Continuing their exploration of "Forces," they have used practical skills to investigate air resistance and its impact on our daily lives. In the upcoming weeks, they will have the opportunity to design, create, test, and evaluate the effectiveness of their own parachute designs. Their eagerness is palpable!

This week, our Connected Curriculum lessons have centred on tsunamis. It has been marvellous to see the children applying their knowledge to investigate and explain the movement of tectonic plates.

Our final day of the week has been full of excitement as they took part in a whole school Team Challenge and also met a member of the Environment Agency who shared key tactics and strategies used to safeguard our local area from extreme weather. We are certain they will be eager to share their experiences with you.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who has offered their support for Fields this term and for supporting the children's reading in school. We appreciate the generous time and effort you have dedicated.

Letters sent home this week:

Year 6

In our literary exploration of "Letters from the Lighthouse," we closely examined the author's use of a coat as a recurring symbol. This coat, initially introduced as a simple piece of clothing, has played a multifaceted role throughout the story. It served as a uniting element, connecting various characters, events, and themes. The pupils have enjoyed identifying the clever use of this item and how it creates cohesion in the narrative, keeping readers engaged and curious about the coat's significance.

In our maths lessons, our learning has begun to focus on metric measures and in particular, the conversion between different metric units, such as millimetres, centimetres, metres, and kilometres. A range of problem-solving activities have challenged our pupils to apply their conversion skills, reinforcing their understanding of the metric system but also preparing them for practical applications in daily life.

In our science curriculum, we built upon our prior knowledge of light and explored the fundamental concept that light travels in straight lines. This understanding will allow Year 6 to explain phenomena like reflection and the formation of shadows. It will serve as a foundational concept for further exploration in the world of optics, photography, and beyond.

In Connected Curriculum, we examined the significant events leading to the end of World War II. This approach allowed students to connect history, geography, and social studies, providing a comprehensive understanding of the factors and events that shaped the conclusion of the war and its subsequent global impact.

Upcoming Reminders:

As the pupils will be investigating puppets, please could they bring in any puppets they have on the date required, as indicated on Showbie.

If possible, for our science lesson next week, they should remember to bring a torch and a mini-figure on the required date, as indicated in Showbie.

Letters sent home this week:

Online Safety

Artifical intelligence is a hot topic in technology and the news right now. There are many questions being raised worldwide about how AI might conceivably affect the very future of the human race. In regards to its impact on young people, the clearest risk is almost certainly the AI-powered ‘virtual friends’ which are springing up all over the internet. The following guide offers you some important information with this in mind.

Boys' Choir Perform at The Royal Albert Hall

On Sunday 29th October, fourteen Year 5 children from our Boys' Choir joined forces with the Southend Boys' Choir to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in a rendition of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

To say the occasion was overwhelming would be an understatement, however the boys were consummate professionals throughout the day – from the coach journey to London, the rehearsal on stage and onto the final performance to a ‘full house’.

The boys were treated to a wonderful first half programme played by the Philharmonia Orchestra of Glinka and Saint-Saens, and then took to the stage in the second half to sing the iconic and dramatic piece of music, Carmina Burana. They sang beautifully to an audience of over 5000 and were blessed with a rousing standing ovation at the end of the performance which was well-deserved.

Congratulations to all the boys on your Royal Albert Hall debut and thank you for your exceptional behaviour.

Year 6 Basketball Competition

On Wednesday morning, twelve Year 6 children attended The Eastwood Academy to play in the SPSSA basketball competition.

Our first game against Leigh North Street was very close, with the boys playing the first half and the girls playing the second. The final score was a loss of 8-4. Our second game against Greenways was much improved with a win of 14-2 and some excellent shooting. Our final game against Heycroft was also very close, resulting in a win of 6-4.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience of playing on a full-size indoor court and showed huge improvement during the morning.

Book Looks

Our popular 'Book Looks' are now taking place on Tuesday afternoons, between 3.30pm and 3.45pm. These are a great opportunity for you to pop into school to look at your child's work. Please refer to the calendar below for the date of each session:

  • Tuesday 7th November - Year 6
  • Tuesday 14th November - Year 5
  • Tuesday 21st November - Year 4
  • Tuesday 28th November - Year 3

When all the children have vacated the school, please enter through the front of the building before heading to your child's classroom.

Volunteers Needed

If you are able to spare some time either before school or at the end of the school day to man our School Street barrier, we would be extremely grateful - even if it is just one session per week.

If you believe you might be able to spare some time, please contact Mrs London via the school office.

Wanted: Handbags!

As part of our lunchtime play provision, we would love to gather a selection of bags, purses and handbags for the children to use in their pretend play. If you have any at home that you are able to donate, please take these to the school office for the attention of Mrs London. Thank you for your continued support with improving play at lunchtimes.

Key Notices this Week:

Year 5 Transition Meeting: Please note that the Year 5 meeting for parents about transition, originally scheduled for 21st March, will now take place at the earlier date of Thursday 29th February 2024 from 7.30pm.

Individual Photos: Please note that you will soon be receiving details about how to purchase individual and sibling photos. These take a little longer than some school photos as they are carefully edited to ensure that you get the highest quality image of your child.

Naming School Uniform: Please ensure that all school uniform is labelled with your child's name as we are experiencing increasingly large numbers of lost property.

Dinner Menu

Week 3

Monday - Homemade Macaroni Cheese with Garlic Bread - Jacket Potato (Choose from Baked Beans, Cheese, Tuna Mayo) - Wholemeal Wrap with Tuna Mayonnaise - Coleslaw and Salad Bar - Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt or Raspberry Mousse

Tuesday - Pork Meatballs in Tomato Gravy - Vegetable Ravioli with Garlic Bread - Jacket Potato (Choose from Baked Beans, Cheese, Tuna Mayo) - Vegetable Rice, Broccoli and Salad Bar - Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt or Cornflake Crisp

Wednesday - Chicken Nuggets - Vegetable Nuggets - Granary Baguette with Cheese - Curly Fries, Spaghetti Hoops and Salad Bar - Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt or Chocolate cake

Thursday - Homemade Beef and Spaghetti Bolognese - Vegetable and Quorn Bolognese - Jacket Potato (Choose from Baked Beans, Cheese, Tuna Mayo) - Coleslaw and Salad Bar - Fresh Fruit, Yogurt or Fruit Biscuit

Friday - Chicken and roasted vegetable fajita - Cheese and Tomato Pizza with Tortilla Chips - Wholemeal Wrap with Salmon and Sweetcorn - Vegetable Cous Cous and Salad Bar - Fresh Fruit, Yogurt or Fruity Jelly

Diary Dates

New dates in italics

November 2023

  • Monday 6th - Year 5/6 Girls' Football @ Len Forge 10am - 3.30pm
  • Tuesday 7th - Coastal Schools (4S)
  • Tuesday 7th - Year 6 Netball V Alleyn Court (at West Leigh) 3.40pm - 4.40pm
  • Tuesday 7th - Year 6 Book Look
  • Wednesday 8th - Oliver Jr! Workshop (Year 3) @ 8am
  • Thursday 9th - Oliver Jr! Auditions (Year 3) @ 3.30pm
  • Thursday 9th - Year 4 Football Friendly @ Chalkwell Park- 3.30pm - 4.30pm
  • Friday 10th - Flu Vaccinations
  • Friday 10th - Year 5/6 Boys' Football @ Len Forge (9.30am - 2.45pm)
  • Saturday 11th - FOWLS Christmas Fayre - 12pm - 3pm
  • Monday 13th - Friday 17th - Year 3/4 Test Week
  • Tuesday 14th - Young Shakespeare Company (Year 6)
  • Tuesday 14th - Cross Country Competition @ Alleyn Court 11.00am - 1.00pm
  • Tuesday 14th - Year 5 Book Look
  • Tuesday 14th - Year 6 Netball V St. Michael's 3.40pm - 4.40pm
  • Thursday 16th - Coastal Schools (4E)
  • Thursday 16th - Year 5 Football Friendly @ Chalkwell Park - 3.30pm - 4.30pm
  • Friday 17th - Children in Need - non uniform day
  • Monday 20th - Friday 24th - Test Week - All Year Groups
  • Tuesday 21st - Year 4 Presentation to Parents (4B & 4E) 2.00pm - 3.00pm
  • Tuesday 21st - Year 4 Book Look
  • Wednesday 22nd - Year 5/6 Dodgeball Competition B/C @ Garons (9am - 12pm)
  • Wednesday 22nd - Year 5/6 Dodgeball Competition A @ Garons (12.15pm - 3.30pm)
  • Thursday 23rd - Year 3 trip to Barleylands - 9am - 3pm
  • Thursday 23rd - Year 4 Presentation to Parents (4G & 4S) 2.00pm - 3.00pm
  • Thursday 23rd - Year 5/6 Parish Cup Football 3.00pm - 4.15pm
  • Thursday 24th - Eco Christmas Jumper Swap
  • Friday 24th - Science Quiz Club Area Heat
  • Monday 27th - Year 6 Christmas Decoration Morning
  • Tuesday 28th - Year 3 Book Look
  • Tuesday 28th - Year 5 Christmas Decoration Morning
  • Tuesday 28th - Netball @ Shoeburyness High 3.00 - 5.00pm
  • Wednesday 29th - Year 4 Christmas Decoration Morning
  • Thursday 30th - Cosatal Schools (4G)
  • Thursday 30th - Year 3 Christmas Decoration Morning

December 2023

  • Friday 1st - Christmas Foodbank Collection
  • Friday 1st - Year 5/6 Basketball Finals 1.30pm - 3.00pm
  • Tuesday 5th - Late Book Look 6pm - 7pm
  • Wednesday 6th - Parent Play Session 10.15am - 10.45am
  • Thursday 7th - Visit to St. Vincent's Foodbank
  • Friday 8th - Santa Dash
  • Monday 11th - Carol Concert rehearsal @ St. Margaret's Church (9am - 12pm)
  • Tuesday 12th - Carol Concert @ St. Margaret's Church (7pm - 8pm)
  • Wednesday 13th - Christmas Dinner and Christmas jumpers
  • Thursday 14th - FOWLS Christmas Gift Sale
  • Monday 18th - Year 4 Christmas Party
  • Tuesday 19th - Year 3 Christmas Party
  • Tuesday 19th - Year 5 Christmas Party
  • Wednesday 20th - Non Uniform Day
  • Thursday 21st - Wednesday 3rd - Christmas Holidays

Future Dates:

January 2024

  • Tuesday 9th - Y3/4 RSE Parent Talk 2.30pm - 3.00pm
  • Thursday 11th - Sportshall Athletics @ Garons
  • Year 5 RSE Parent Talk
  • Monday 15th - Young Voices Choir @ O2 - 10.30am - 11pm
  • Tuesday 16th - Y6 RSE Parent Talk - 2.30pm - 3pm
  • Monday 22nd - Little Lifesavers - Year 5
  • Friday 26th - Year 3 Disco

February 2024

  • Tuesday 13th - Year 5 Performance to parents from 2pm
  • Thursday 15th - Year 5 Performance to Parents from 2pm
  • Tuesday 27th - Late Book Look (6pm - 7pm)
  • Thursday 29th - Year 5 Transition Meeting to Parents from 7.30pm

March 2024

  • Monday 11th- Friday 22nd - Test Weeks
  • Thursday 21st - Year 5 Transition Meeting to Parents from 7.30pm

April 2024

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th - Oliver Jr! Production

May 2024

  • Monday 13th - Friday 17th - Year 6 SATs Week
  • Monday 20th - Bikeability (6A & 6W)

June 2024

  • Tuesday 4th - Bikeability Week (6D & 6P)
  • Tuesday 4th - Multiplication Check Fortnight
  • Monday 10th - Test Week (Years 3, 4 & 5)
  • Tuesday 11th - Late Book Look (6pm - 7pm)
  • Thursday 13th - Year 3 Residential to Danbury
  • Thursday 13th - Transition meeting for Year 4 parents (7.30pm)
  • Tuesday 18th - Year 3 Induction Meeting for Year 2 parents from 7.30pm
  • Monday 24th - Friday 28th - Year 6 Residential to Ilam Hall and Southend Week
  • Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th - Year 6 Transition Day (King John)

July 2024

Thursday 11th - Open Evening

Don't forget to check out our new online bookshop here.


Please ensure that your child has their full kit with them on swimming days as we will no longer be phoning home for forgotten kits.


  • 3M - Mrs Millham
  • 4G - Mrs Garrett & Mrs Aggus
  • 3N - Mrs Nash & Mrs Mitchinson


  • 3L - Miss Playfair
  • 4E - Mrs Rodger
  • 4S - Miss Street


  • 3T - Mrs Thompson
  • 5K - Miss Chapman
  • 5R - Mr Markham


  • 6D - Miss Fletcher
  • 5J - Mrs Wilson
  • 5F - Mrs Flower


  • 6W - Mr Dunn
  • 4B - Mr Boylan
  • 6P - Miss Poysden
  • 6A - Mrs Mears

PE Lessons

Please ensure that your child is wearing their full kit on PE days as we will no longer be phoning home for forgotten kits.

Second Half Term:


  • Indoor PE - Wednesday
  • Outdoor PE - Thursday


  • Indoor PE - Wednesday
  • Outdoor PE - Friday


  • Indoor PE - Tuesday
  • Outdoor PE - Friday


  • Indoor PE - Tuesday
  • Outdoor PE - Thursday


  • Indoor PE - Monday
  • Outdoor PE - Wednesday


  • Indoor PE - Monday
  • Outdoor PE - Thursday


  • Indoor PE - Tuesday
  • Outdoor PE - Thursday


  • Indoor PE - Monday
  • Outdoor PE - Wednesday


  • Indoor PE - Friday
  • Outdoor PE - Monday


  • Indoor PE - Friday
  • Outdoor PE - Tuesday


  • Indoor PE - Friday
  • Outdoor PE - Monday


  • Indoor PE - Thursday
  • Outdoor PE - Tuesday


  • Indoor - Thursday
  • Outdoor - Tuesday


  • Indoor - Wednesday
  • Outdoor - Monday


  • Indoor - Thursday
  • Outdoor - Monday


  • Indoor - Thursday
  • Outdoor - Tuesday


This week, 5J achieved the best attendance with an impressive 100%.


Our most improved in sport award goes to Isla Freeman in 6D.

Our sports performer is Heidi Jones in 4B.

Team Points

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