Benefits of Prefabrication

Reducing environmental damage by limiting the amount of major on-site construction by new homes.

Units can be delivered on a trailer and remain mobile or set by a crane on a foundation.

Semi-custom models that can be standalone or configured as multi-unit dwellings.

Pre-fabricated in our workshop in a controlled environment for better quality control.

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When we moved our business to West Virginia, it was the beginning of Covid, and there was a significant boom in construction in our region. Because we are only two hours from the Washington DC metro area, many who could work remotely were looking to find or build a place to get away. Within a year, we worked with multiple clients on designs for new cabins and homes for permanent living, retirement planning, vacations, and short-term rentals.

Many years before this boom, we considered building and delivering prefabricated structures designed for short-term stays. We worked through many design projects involving cabins built from shipping containers and other potential modularized designs, which got our ideas flowing.

We are currently building new homes, and our number one concern with site-built structures is the damage they cause to the land and surrounding areas. From the daily commute of our craftsman to the destruction of the surroundings to make space for the construction site required, the footprint is big.

Over the years, we have built our construction division and developed our local resources and connections. We can now offer prefabricated structures that can be delivered to most places in the U.S., and for regions local to us, we can offer complete site prep, foundations, and unit installation.

Our motivator for creating the Sojourn system was building with less impact on the environment and offering a simplified means to escape and find solitude. It's an obvious statement, but the impact of one structure shared is much less than everyone building their own. We encourage those pursuing this idea with us to consider using their Sojourn retreat as a short-term rental.

sojourn: to stay for a time in a place.

10x20 Efficiency Model (1020-E)