USO 9001 is a trio - Jan Pieniążek (drums), Jan Gałosz (guitar), Miłosz Pieczonka (saxophone). The band’s name stands for Unidentified Sonoristic Object 9001, a wordplay on ISO9001 - an international quality management standard.

USO 9001 is off-jazz

USO 9001 is hip-hop

USO 9001 is guitar songs

USO 9001 is punk rock

USO 9001 has toured Poland and Europe. The band performed in the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary or Croatia. After their performance at the Next Fest Music Festival, they were voted Gazeta Wyborcza's Sparkle Award. As well as the best debut in the history of the Jazz Jantar Festival. The band was also nominated for K-MAG's MOSKITY award and Gazeta Wyborcza SANKI award for young artists.

fot.Ola Bodnaruś

The Rhesus Albert album was created in collaboration with producer Albert Karch. The recordings were made in joinery workshop near small polish village Sochaczew, where the band searched for the spatial sound of the album, which also featured guests: Wuja HZG, Olaf Węgier (EABS), Natan Kryszk (Pokusa), Zuzanna Jasinska and rapper Koza. The album was released on September 23, 2022 by Alpaka Records.

The band has prepared a new full-length album for 2025. The album is scheduled for January.

fot. Julia Marszewska, Mariana Hernandes, Dawid Misiorny, Ola Bodnaruś