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Happy New Year!

Back to School Reminders/Annoucements

  • School Dismissal Manger: JB Families, as a reminder we utilize School Dismissal Manager as a communication tool for student's daily dismissal plans. We WILL follow what is listed for your child each day. If there is a change in how your child is to get home, please make those changes within this program. If your child's REGULAR mode of transportation has changed, you can update the default. If you need assistance with this, please call the JB office at 317-462-4491.
  • Student Demographic/Emergency Contact Information: If there have been any changes to your student's demographic information (emergency contact numbers, home address, etc) please contact our office so we can ensure our records are up-to-date. If you have moved out of JB district, there is paperwork that must be filled out in order for you child to remain at JB. This also applies if you have moved out of GC school district. Thanks for you help in keeping our records up to date!
  • School Resource Officer (SRO): I am VERY happy to announce that JB Stephens is adding a full time SRO starting in the 2nd semester! Officer Rick Wilcher will join our staff, full time. Officer Rick is no stranger to JB and has served as our SRO many days in the 1st semester. We are very grateful and excited to welcome Officer Rick to our JB Staff!

Student Attendance Information

We want to be sure our JB Cougars are here and ready to learn each and every day! At the primary level, missing days of school can have a direct correlation with student success and achievement; those missed instructional days can have huge impacts on skill deficits and can be very difficult to "catch back up," especially in early literacy skills. We do recognize that absences are unavoidable in certain instances. The only excused absences recognized are listed in our handbook on page 8.

Families with students missing multiple days of school may receive attendance letters reminding them of the importance of good school attendance. Students with excessive absences may be placed on an attendance contract, per our agreement with the Hancock County Prosecutor's office.

Excessive absenteeism is considered to be anything over 10 days per school year. Excessive tardiness to school is considered to be 3 or more tardy days per semester.

If your child is ill and sees a doctor, please be sure to send us your doctor's note so we have proper documentation. If a student misses more than 3 days of school in a semester, additional absences in the semester will be marked as unexcused, unless verified by a medical doctor. For a list of excused absences, please see our JBS Handbook, which can be found on our school website, linked below. After 7 unexcused absences, the school will initiate the Hancock County Attendance Protocol.

Absent Students: As a reminder, if your child will be absent from school or late to school, you should communicate that by calling our main office at 317-462-4491, or you can also note that using School Dismissal Manager.

Cold Weather Guidelines (reminder)

Winter is here! Please be sure and send students to school with all the necessary warm clothing (coats, hats, gloves, etc) Below is the link from the GC website outlining our cold weather guidelines. If you are in need of warm weather clothing for your child, please feel free to reach out to our School Counselor, Miss Broadus.

Family Literacy Learning Corner

School Dismissal Manager (reminder)

School Dismissal Manager is now LIVE! Please check your email for login and set up directions. All school dismissal changes now go through School Dismissal Manager. You do NOT need to call the office if you put your change/absence in the APP. You should receive a confirmation email from SDM with your update.

IPADS (reminder)

This year, student iPads will be turned off from the hours of 7:00pm-6:00am, as they are not needed for instructional purposes during this time. Please be sure and charge iPads each night and limit use of them for non-school purposes. Thanks for your help!

J.B WAY (reminder)

Our JB Way is our expectations of students. We expect JB Cougars to be Respectful, Responsible and Kind! When we "catch" students following the JB Way, they are recognized by earning a Cougar Buck. Students also earn a Cougar Buck each day they are at school. They can then cash those bucks in for small prizes and fun coupons. Big thanks to our PTO for sponsoring the prizes!

Congratulations to these Positive Office Referrals!

Snacks (reminder)

Each classroom at JB has a designated snack time to help our students stay fueled for the school day! Please send in a healthy snack with your child each day. You can also send in bulk items to share with the class, we are always appreciative of donations.

The office at J.B. Stephens helps provide snacks for students that may not bring them from home for the day. If teachers are out of snacks in the classroom, the students come to the office. As you can imagine, we can go through a lot of snacks over time! Any contribution helps!!! We truly appreciate it!

Food Service (NEW MENU!)

NEW 2024 Lunch Menu

Please be sure and note the NEW lunch menu below.

New lunch/breakfast prices

JBS School Hours (reminder)

  • Doors Open: 7:30am
  • Tardy Bell: 7:45am
  • Breakfast (optional/paid): 7:30am-7:45am (if your child is eating breakfast at school, please be sure to get them to school by 7:30am, so they have plenty of time to eat)
  • Dismissal: 2:10pm

Volunteer Form (reminder)

If you're interested in volunteering this school year, attending field trips, etc, all volunteers must complete a Volunteer Profile application, found by clicking here, before volunteering. This form must be completed each school year. We look forward to having you at JB!

Upcoming Dates

An additional ELearning Day has been added to the calendar. April 8th will be our 3rd and final pre-planned Elearning Day

  • 1/15/24: MLK Day; NO SCHOOL
  • 1/17/24: PTO Meeting @ 6:00pm
  • 2/19/24: President's Day; NO SCHOOL
  • 2/20/24: Boosterthon Fundraiser KICK OFF!

E-learning Days: Students do not come to school, but complete online assignments at home, while teachers are in Professional Development.

  • September 19th
  • November 7th
  • April 8th

Events/clubs/Sports around Greenfield