Social Studies teacher Kyle Shack and students reflect on his career By Tenaja White

Kyle Shack - Social Studies Teacher - Room C13
“I’ve loved every bit of my experiences here. One of the best decisions I’ve made was to leave my previous district, which I loved working at, but the pull to come to Loy Norrix was strong enough to get me to leave a really good situation."
"I think probably one of the things I love most is that there is a student body that is incredibly diverse in its skill set, its thought process, its background, its perspective, and its interests, which keeps things exciting and interesting for me."
"Set limits for yourself, like time limits, and know that it’s going to be okay if not everything gets done.”
Jamiah Jennings
“He’s really understanding. He assigns a lot of work but he helps you through it, he’s one of those teachers that actually makes sure you understand your work, he's a really cool and nice teacher. He also seems fun.”
Jessica Trujillo
“He’s very ambitious, very devoted to teaching, he’s a well-spoken teacher so he makes sure to make it easy for everyone to understand and be on the same path to learning."
Ari Johnson
“Mr. Shack is a really good teacher. He’s really positive: he works on each student individually. Not only does he focus on the class, but he talks to each student to make sure they’re doing well in his class, that they’re actually learning, and that they’re in a positive environment and that they like being in the class. I’d highly encourage you to take his government class.”
Ezra Balden
“I’ve never been a fan of Social Studies, but he made it more interesting. What I particularly liked about him was that if you asked him something about his teaching methods, he would actually explain to you his reasons and I like that a lot. He’s the best Social Studies teacher I’ve ever had.”
Alexis White
“This was my first year at Norrix. I had Mr. Shack in the first trimester. He was personally one of my favorite teachers because he was very professional and he’s a good listener.”