Affording a BG Education Financial Assistance Information

A Note from the Desk of the President

At BG, we pride ourselves on offering a true college preparatory education that includes strong academics, abundant student life programming, competitive athletics, and the whole-person formation necessary for future success. While the Bishop Guertin experience can be valued far beyond our tuition, we know that families make incredible sacrifices to send their child here. That is why through prudent management of the school’s finances and the generosity of our benefactors, we keep tuition costs as low as possible, while also providing more than $1.4 million annually in financial assistance to families. We hope by learning more about the financial assistance process, you’ll have a better understanding of our commitment to ensuring a Bishop Guertin education is possible for all those who seek it. We can’t wait for your child to become a Cardinal!

- Linda Brodeur M’78

The above graph represents the average aid for the families in each income range who applied for financial assistance. Individual awards vary, and this is not a guarantee nor limit. The financial assistance process accounts for each family’s individual circumstances, including: number of siblings, family financial commitments, previous Catholic school attendance and/or employment, and numerous other considerations. New Hampshire households that made under $50,000 received additional assistance through the New Hampshire Children’s Scholarship Fund. We strongly urge all families to apply for financial assistance and to discuss the many ways to make a Bishop Guertin education affordable.

The Financial Assistance Process

We understand the sacrifices families make to send their child to Bishop Guertin, which is why we are committed to providing financial assistance to all eligible families. Approximately 30% of our current students who demonstrate need receive some type of aid as we award more than $1.4 million annually.

The financial assistance process at BG is managed by FACTS. Families are required to submit documentation that is then assessed by FACTS to determine the level of need, allowing for an accurate, unbiased awarding of financial assistance. Students are never denied admission based on their ability to pay.

Families are required to re-apply for financial assistance each year. However, every attempt is made to provide ongoing assistance to returning students that demonstrate continued need.

Addressing Special Circumstances

Bishop Guertin is able to provide up to 50% of tuition in financial assistance, depending on need. For families who qualify, we also provide opportunities to receive additional support if they meet certain criteria, including attendance at or employment by a Catholic school and/or siblings enrolled at BG.

While BG makes every effort to provide a financial assistance package that addresses the full need of the family, we understand that there may be extenuating circumstances that require special consideration. For this reason, we allow for private appeals to the President of the school.

Available Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends, Bishop Guertin is able to provide a number of annual scholarships for students enrolled at the school. Students are highly encouraged to apply for these scholarships when the applications become available during the school year.

An Investment In The Future

It can be hard to put a value on a private, high school education, especially when compared with other local options. However, sending your child to BG is an investment with positive returns and reflects what we already know; that our Cardinals soar because of the preparation they receive.


Did you know that the average college-merit scholarship offered to a Bishop Guertin graduate matches our tuition?

That number does not include need-based financial assistance awarded by colleges


Bishop Guertin graduates’ four-year college completion rate is double the national average meaning a BG education can translate to a savings of up to two years of college tuition costs.

Return on Investment

In a recent survey, graduates overwhelmingly felt prepared for college, especially in the areas of time management, organization, reading, writing, and research skills.

*A typical Bishop Guertin student receives $14,200 in annual merit aid from colleges. BG Graduates complete their degree in 4.2 years, as opposed to 5.5 for the average student nationally, saving the cost of over a year of college tuition (estimated at $52,000 per year for recent graduates).


The State of New Hampshire offers funding for residents in support of their choice to attend a non-public school, including Bishop Guertin in the following two ways.

Education Freedom Accounts

Starting in 2021-22, the State of New Hampshire began offering Education Freedom Accounts to expand educational opportunities for Granite State children. Families qualify based on income, with a family of four qualifying at or under an annual income of $78,600. Qualifying families can direct their child’s state education funding — a base grant of approximately $3,400 — to tuition at non-public schools like Bishop Guertin, tutoring, online learning, educational supplies, internet connectivity, and other educational expenses.

Children's Scholarship Fund

The New Hampshire Children’s Scholarship Fund awards Education Tax Credit scholarships to over 600 students per year.

The Children’s Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity scholarship organization funded by contributions from individuals and businesses. These scholarships are available to New Hampshire residents who attend non-public schools such as Bishop Guertin High School. Families qualify for this scholarship based on income, with a family of four qualifying at or under an annual income of $78,600. In 2022-23, the average scholarship award to 18 Bishop Guertin recipients was $3,925 from the New Hampshire Children’s Scholarship Fund.