Celebrating National Postdoc Appreciation Week at Georgia Tech September 18-22, 2023

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What is National Postdoc Appreciation Week?

"Since 2009, the National Postdoc Association (NPA) has sponsored National Postdoc Appreciation Day/Week (NPAW) to recognize the significant contributions that postdoctoral scholars make to U.S. research and discovery. Organizations from across the world participate by holding special events. In 2010, this week was officially recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives." –National Postdoctoral Association

Virtual and in-person events were held throughout the week and across the country to celebrate postdocs.

How did we celebrate National Postdoc Appreciation Week at Georgia Tech?

Postdoc Picnic

A visit to the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking

Postdoc Social

What does a "postdoc community" mean to you?

For National Postdoc Appreciation Week, we asked postdocs at Tech what community means to them. Here are some of their responses.

"When I first started to work as a Postdoctoral Brittain Fellow at Georgia Tech, I became part of a welcoming, encouraging community of scholars and co-workers who valued teaching, service, and research in the same manner as I did. I found a new community of like-minded, academic colleagues whose work inspires and needs to be celebrated. As a proud member of the Writing and Communication Program's Brittain Fellows, I am grateful for the program and its postdoctoral community."

–Zita Hüsing, Brittain Fellow

"The postdoc community means 'doctors helping doctors to serve the scientific research and teaching communities.'"

–Vardhan Satalkar, National Science Foundation Southeast Center for Mathematics and Biology Fellow

"A safe space in which postdocs can discuss honestly about topics that concern us, such as work-life balance, job stability, finding purpose in our career, and more."

–Laura Casas Ferrer, Postdoctoral Fellow

"To me, a postdoctoral community is a network of people, actual postdocs or otherwise, who form a community around the ideas of supporting postdocs at the institution."

–Daniel Vallejo, Affiliate Postdoctoral Scholar

"Researchers who share the same concerns and questions regarding the next step in their career. So, it means a community of common needs, which promises growth altogether."

–Neslihan Ozlu, Affiliate Postdoctoral Scholar

"We're between achieving our doctorates and finding a stable career either in academia, alt-academia, or in the private sector. As such, this kind of community relies on establishing systems of mutual support, encouragement, and professional development to support everyone in this liminal stage"

–Cameron Winter, Brittain Fellow

"The postdoctoral community is an essential aspect of the academic and research landscape, facilitating collaboration, professional growth, and support for me as a researcher in this transitional phase of my career. Embracing this community allows postdocs to maximize their potential, make significant contributions to their fields, and lay the groundwork for successful future endeavors."

–Binazir Karimzadeh, Postdoctoral Fellow

What impact do postdocs have on the Georgia Tech community?

Postdoc Population by College

  • College of Engineering: 51%
  • College of Sciences: 30%
  • Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts: 13%
  • College of Computing: 3%
  • Centers: 2%
  • College of Design: 1%
  • Scheller College of Business: 0.28%

The Office of Postdoctoral Services would like to thank Virginia Howell, Museum Director and Anna Doll, Education Curator at the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking for hosting the museum tour and origami class during National Postdoc Appreciation Week. We would also like to thank Dean Leslie Sharp for co-hosting and providing a space for postdocs to build community at the Library. Lastly, we appreciate all the postdocs, faculty, and staff who submitted their comments to showcase the diversity and impact of postdocs at Georgia Tech.

Photo credits go to:

  • Daniel Vallejo, Affiliate Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Karena Nguyen, Assistant Director for Postdoctoral Services
  • Brittani Hill, Marketing Communications Manager for the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Education

Coming Spring 2024: meet our postdocs and learn about their stories and journey to Tech