Sarah Jane Boudoir A Luxury Boudoir Experience For All Bodies

Sarah Jane Boudoir believes beauty is not defined by age, shape or size. I truly believe everyone is beautiful. Through boudoir I want to change the way people view themselves and their bodies. Everyone deserves to see and believe how amazing they are. I want to show you how amazing, unique and beautiful you are.

The Booking Process

You are amazing and worthy. Let me show you how unique and beautiful you are. We will go back and forth over email, but I highly recommend a quick phone chat to discuss your session. A quick phone conversation can help clear up many questions. I'd love to learn a little more about you and let you get to know me. This will help you feel a little more at ease as well.

Session Fee $300

There is a $300 session fee due at the time of booking along with a signed e-contract to secure your session. Collections, products and digital images are purchased separately. Keep scrolling to see Collection, Products and Digital Pricing. Sessions typically take place during the day M-F. All sessions take place at my studio located in Wauconda, IL.

The Day of Your Session

If you have added hair/makeup on to your session ($250) you will head on in for a little pampering. My makeup team will have you looking your best in no time! Are you required to book hair and makeup? Absolutely not! Have your own team do their magic or come all natural if you prefer. Everyone has their own idea as to what is beautiful! You do you!

When you arrive we will sit down and discuss all of your outfits and decide what you will look the most amazing in. Your session will last about 1-2 hours. I will demonstrate all poses for you. Don't worry, I'll guide you the whole way! We will have fun, we will laugh and I get the opportunity to show you how sexy and amazing you are! And when you leave you will leave feeling sexy, confident and empowered!

The Image Reveal

  • In Person Reveal After your session you will leave for about an hour. Get a snack or run an errand. You'll come back to the studio to see soft proofed images from your session. Together we will go through your images to choose the pictures for your products.
  • Private Password Protected Gallery: Pick your images on your own in the privacy of your own home. See your photos partially edited and watermarked in a private password protected gallery. Here, you'll be able to choose the photos for your products in the privacy of your own home or with a friend. All purchased photos will be fully edited!
Caution: Clients who have had boudoir sessions at Sarah Jane Boudoir may have increased levels of confidence. They may smile more, get giddy to show off their images, they may have better sex lives and may experience jealousy from their friends who have not had shoots! (I may or may not be kidding!)
"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" -Coco Chanel

What's included in your session?

  • 3 Outfits (nude can be an outfit!)
  • A variety of studio sets
  • Access to Client Closet
  • 1-2.5 hours of shooting. I shoot til I KNOW you have an amazing gallery!
  • Posing, coaching & direction throughout the session
  • Fully retouched images that will have you looking your best
  • Private image reveal/ordering appointment or Online Gallery
  • The ability to text or email at any time with all of your questions. I'd love to get to know you!
  • ***Collections, products and digital images are purchased separately

Enhance Your Experience... Add Ons

  • Professional Hair and Makeup $250, Makeup only $150
  • Luxe Red or Teal Robe Set $150
  • Fine Art Nude Set ... think silhouetted art images! $150
  • Steamy Shower Setup $150
  • Bondage Set $150
  • Neon Set $150
  • Additional outfits $50/each

Add On Bonus Sets Below!


Diamond- $4500

  • 12x12" Album, Diamond Ice Cover w/ 40 Images
  • Matching Couture Keepsake Box
  • 8x12 Diamond Ice Acrylic Art
  • 1 - 16x24" or Smaller Metal Art Print
  • 1 Free Bonus Set
  • Includes FULL Digital Collection
  • Get on a pre session payment plan and get an app for your phone with your album images

Ruby- $3000 (most popular!)

  • 10x10" Album w/ 30 Images
  • Your choice of Vivid Metal or Diamond Ice Cover
  • Leather or Linen Keepsake Box
  • 8x12" Metal Art Print
  • 1 Free Bonus Set
  • Get on a pre session payment plan and get a digital download of your album images!!!

Emerald- $2400 (perfect for most!)

  • 8x8" Album w/ 20 Images
  • Linen Keepsake Box
  • 8x12" Metal Print
  • Includes Digital Download of Album Images
  • 1 Free Bonus Set
  • Get on a pre session payment plan and get a FULL digital download of your album images!!!

Sapphire- $1800

  • 5x5 Album with 12 Images
  • Linen Keepsake Box
  • 8x12" Metal Art Print

Digital Collections

  • Complete Digital Collection | $2800
  • 25 Digital Images | $2200
  • 12 Digital Images | $1800

Just Albums

  • 12x12" 40 Images | $3200
  • 10x10" 30 Images | $2500
  • 8x8" 20 Images | $2000
  • 5x5" 12 Images | $1600

Album Upgrades: Ice Cover Upgrade $300, Foil Guilding $100, Additional images $50 each.

Product Add-Ons

Available only as an add on to Collections, Albums or Digitals

  • Wall Art: 40x60" $1400, 24x36" $950, 20x30" $800, 16x24" $600, 8x12" $400
  • 8x6" Desk Calendar or Wall Calendar: $200
  • Ice Block: $300
  • Mobile App: $300
  • 60 Second Highlight Video: $300
  • Retro Viewfinder with 7 Images: $300

Payment Options for Images/Products

Option 1- Pre-payment Plan... This is the most popular and recommended! I will get an invoice sent out to you with a payment plan that you can pay monthly! This helps to break it up for you along the way. Your payment plan needs to be paid in full 1 week prior to your session. So, if your session is scheduled for say March 15th, your invoice would be paid in full on March 7th. If you booked 3 months out you would make a payment on January 7, February 7, with a final payment March 7th. Hope that makes sense! (only available before your session).

Option 2-Pay in full at least 2 weeks before your session. I accept cash, Zelle and all major credit/debit cards.

Option 3- PayPal Credit- PayPal Credit. You get your images right away and have time to pay. This would be done at least two weeks prior to your session. Must have a PayPal account and be pre-approved. Click the button below to see if you are approved for PayPal Credit. Please let me know ahead of time if you choose to use this option as I'll need to send a separate PayPal invoice.

*Note: All products must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to your session. This allows you to show up to your session worry free. You can always choose a smaller product and upgrade later if you choose to do so.

"She has fire in her soul & grace in her heart" - Unknown


How far out should I book my session? I usually recommend 4-6 weeks before you actually need the photos. If you need your images before this, reach out to me to see if it's possible!

Where does the session take place? Sessions are scheduled in my home based studio located in Wauconda, IL. Just so you know, the new studio is pretty darn amazing and photographs beautifully :) I promise you, it's worth the drive! If you have another idea lets chat about it!

I have cellulite/acne/stretch marks. Do you do any retouching? Of course! Retouching is included in every session. I am able to remove blemishes, stretch marks and smooth skin if needed. With proper lighting and posing often times those edits are not needed though!

I'm not the age/size I used to be, can you still get good photos of me? Yes!! And I can assure you almost every person I've photographed has felt the same way. I photograph people of all ages, shapes and sizes. They are all amazed by how beautiful and hot they are when they get their portraits back!

Do you offer payment plans?Sarah Jane Boudoir offers pre session payment plans to pay for your session! You select the package you are most interested in and start paying for it before your session! In fact, you are required to pay for the minimum collection 1 week prior to your session so it just makes sense to do a payment plan to break it up. On occasion, I will do a partial payment plan after your session as well. I also offer PayPal Credit and take all major credit cards.

Will my images be made public? While I would LOVE to share your images. NO image is ever shared online without your consent. The sharing of your images is completely up to you. At your photo reveal we will discuss the sharing of your images and you can choose which images I can share or decline all together.

I bet you're wondering how to get this party started?

Well don't worry.... YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Grab any open date on the calendar or reach out to me direct!

Check out our VIP group! This group is full of amazingly uplifting and positive women. It's also where you will find behind the scene videos and live updates. Here's where you will find all specials and current information!

Website: www.sarahjaneboudoir.com

Phone: 708-254-0435 Email: sarah@sarahjaneboudoir.com

Because your session is catered custom to you and products are ordered specific to you, all products purchased at your ordering appointment are non refundable. Copyright Sarah Jane Boudoir 2012-2023. All Rights Reserved. Prices subject to change at any time. Please add 7% sales tax to all orders.