Today’s leaders face an uncharted future. The Earth’s climate is rapidly transforming, and our economies are not yet prepared to withstand the impact.

But there are many things to be hopeful about. We know how to power our economies with clean energy, regenerate forests, farm sustainably, and build roads and cities that protect against heat and withstand floods and hurricanes.

The next step is leadership.

We cannot simply negotiate the future. We have to build it, and we need leaders who can facilitate communities and countries to find the solutions that work for each unique ecology, economy, and culture.

Fletcher faculty are at the forefront of this movement.

At Fletcher, we combine the latest in climate research and innovation with the powerful tools of strategic planning and social change.

our FLEXIBLE executive programs equip your leaders to create visible impact for you and for the planet.

The Fletcher School’s rich regional and country research make it strongly suited to addressing the diverse spectrum of needs faced by governments, multilateral institutions, and climate-conscious corporations.

We work extensively with the full spectrum of the socioeconomic system, from public agencies supporting resilience for the world's most vulnerable communities to multilateral organizations, to multinational bank leaders seeking to invest in change.


a foundation in current research

Our faculty are prepared to deliver their expertise on the following:

  • Current State of Earth’s Climate: The New Paradigms of Risk
  • Theory of Change for Climate: Key Milestones in Energy, Land Use, and Policies
  • Climate Vulnerability, Fragility, and Resilience: Ecological and Economic Factors
  • 2030: Global Targets, Ambitions, and Gaps in Implementation

OUr proven strategy playbook

Learners emerge with the ability to transform systems and countries through strategies such as:

  • Method for Policy Gap Analysis to inventory direct and indirect climate policies
  • Framework for Policy Alignment to reconcile objectives and align fiscal, regulatory, industrial, and innovation policies
  • Diverse Policy Toolkit to achieve a range of economic and environmental goals, such as energy efficiency, inflation reduction, promoting domestic manufacturing, and increasing foreign direct investment
  • Strategies to increase private sector engagement, mobilize private investment, and create markets for clean energy and sustainable solutions

Essential Skills for Leading Change

Learners develop their dexterity in the following areas:

  • Leading Transformational Change: Adaptive Approaches
  • Designing Effective Strategies
  • Creating Organizational Alignment
  • Mindsets for the Resilient Leader
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management Approaches

hands-on strategy workshops

All Fletcher Executive Training cohorts come together to examine cross-cutting challenges like energy transition, disaster resilience, environmental protection, and governance.

Hands-on workshops are built into the learning experience, fostering a test environment for participants to develop strategies and plans with peers, and apply knowledge to your context.

This six- to ten-hour team-based learning component can be tailored to the strategic goals of the training.

what does An immersive program look like?

We tailor programs to our partners' needs and deliver coursework designed to fit in-person, virtual, and hybrid schedules ranging from three days to four months in length.

Our most popular format is a five-day immersion, however we are also craft learning experiences to your preferred duration. All of our programs include hands-on training sessions, keynote lectures, site visits, and ample discussion time.

What participants have said:

It’s very important for senior executives to get outside of our work environment and come together to discuss something that’s common to everyone, which is the future of the next generation. The program was able to paint a realistic picture of what’s going on in the world. It gives us a sense of optimism because it’s not too late, and we can do something about climate change. With a multilateral development bank like [ours], working with academic institutions and think tanks, I think it’s crucial that we do this and continue to learn in the future.”

– 2023 Participant, Asian Development Bank

The Fletcher Executive Training team looks forward to helping your cohort achieve its learning goals.

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