Sustainable Futures Seminar Series 29 September 2023

On the 28th September 2023, Sustainable Futures held its monthly online Seminar Series. In this iteration, guest speakers Dr Torik Holmes and Dr Kristoffer Kortsen, both Research Associates at the University of Manchester, gave a talk on their 'One Bin to Rule Them All' project.

The project is interdisciplinary in nature and proposes and tests a holistic solution to the plastics recycling challenge in the UK. Plastic recycling in the UK is overly complex and in need of vast improvement. While plastic recycling and circularity are policy priorities, a path away from this fragmented and siloed system is unclear.

'One Bin to Rule Them All' centres around the idea of collecting all plastics in one bin and defining a standard set of materials from which ‘value’ can be recouped. This interactive online tool linked here explains the project in more detail.

After welcomes and introductions, Dr Holmes and Dr Kortsen gave an in-depth talk about the project. A Q&A session, chaired by Dr Stephen Lowe, followed and allowed attendees to ask any questions about the project to the two guest speakers. After an hour of introductions, presentations and talking, the September edition of the Sustainable Futures Seminar Series was brought to a close.

For further information on this project, such as policy documents, visit the project's website here.

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