ITA senior player of the year Tom Zeuch | UIndy

ita Senior player of the year

Tom Zeuch had a stellar season this year. He was runner-up at the ITA Cup in Rome this past fall. He became #1 player in the country and stayed at that spot all spring season. With partner Mathieu Derrache, Tom reached the #1 ranking in doubles. Tom has been just a force for the UIndy Men's Tennis program and has been the flagship of UIndy Tennis with his sportsmanship and character. Tom is graduating with a Masters in Sports Management.

A Quote from the Head Coach

"Tom’s tennis character is marked by his strong work ethic, a reflection of his dedication and discipline on the tennis court. At UIndy he deeply rooted a culture that values perseverance and continuous improvement, always striving to be the best version of himself for his team. Beyond his individual pursuits, Tom has a profound appreciation for the joy of life, which he brings into his gameplay. His love for the sport is evident not only in his personal achievements but also in his enthusiasm for teamwork. Playing for his team, he understands the importance of collaboration and mutual support, making him a special player who uplifts and inspires those around him." - Head Coach Malik Tabet