"Tom is an incredibly talented creative whose works imbue peace and awareness..."

Arun Gandhi

President, Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute and Grandson of the Mahatma

a seasoned creative with national broadcast production experience

Who feels weird referring to himself in 3rd person.

Tom's an... i'm an award-winning designer with expert proficiency in state-of-the-industry broadcast production software.

(Ah, now I remember why the third person thing works. Pitching myself in first person makes me sound completely self-absorbed and you're not supposed to know that about me yet.)

"It's on." is a series of one-minute conversations with a future self-aware A.I. about Human and Machinekind.

While Tom has produced many successful national campaigns, his methods for making Creative Teams more effective has gained a lot of attention.

He was invited to share one of his techniques in a TEDx Talk entitled "Open Source Mode".

I became an End-User Advocate when I testified before Congress in favor of the AntiSpam Bill (HR718). The fact that I was a Director of Marketing in the private sector that would benefit from Spam campaigns yet had made a principled decision not to is what prompted the Governor of California to appoint me to the Public seat of a Consumer Affairs board.

I have over two decades of experience producing every kind of creative asset possible yet my real passion is in finding a brand's story to managing all integrated aspects needed to tell it.

Areas of Emphasis

360 Project Management • Brand Story & Design • Integrated Campaign Design & Development • Broadcast Quality Multimedia Production Skills • Published Author, Writer, Editor & Director

national creative director for the 2nd largest radio group in the united states*

I wrote, produced, directed (but never starred in) over 1000 TV spots, sales videos & training films.

* Audacy, Inc. (Formerly Entercom Communications Corp.

I've designed creative assets and integrated campaigns for big time namedrops like...

IBM, Microsoft, Disney, nfl & mlb teams and the rock band Styx*

* My teen self would be so proud.

This video captures the creative ethos and coalescing systems I use to find the story, boost morale and sell the company culture.

National OmnInfoGraphic

I've created hundreds of Broadcast Brands.

"logos in the wild"

I was asked Dr. Phil Harrington to help visually launch his and BY SIR BOB GELDOF's global musicians' network.

US6TV is a community effort to prepare citizens for paradigm-breaking news.

www.tomross.com 202.909.3745 tomross7@gmail.com

Tom Ross is a producer, creative consultant, and author yet feels odd referring to himself in the third person. My political experience includes testifying before a U.S. House Subcommittee on Media and Information Technology Policy. The Governor of California appointed me to a Department of Consumer Affairs board the same year I became National Creative Director for the 2nd largest radio group in the U.S. and built one of the first and biggest Visual Production operations in that industry. I designed a system to find, test and scale the best ideas from the quietest corners in hundreds of stations. I shared this system in a TEDx Talk called “Open Source Mode”. I’ve also produced creative assets for namedrops like IBM, Microsoft, and Styx and have Creative Consulted for good works like the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute and Sir Bob Geldof’s youbloom.com. My novel, US6 is designed to illuminate and entertain a future Artificial yet Self-Aware Superintelligence while enlisting it and Human readers into the fight against Modern Slavery.