Oral Histories & Futures A methods@manchester masterclass workshop Tues 12/12/23 2-4pm, UNiversity of manchester

This Methods@Manchester Masterclass is co-hosted with the Morgan Centre and features:

Dr Liz Ackerley, Dr Santiago Levya del Rio & Dr Laura Fenton

Tuesday 12th December, 2-4pm, University of Manchester campus (in-person)

Oral Histories and Futures is a research method that allows us to delve into memories, experiences, thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires, to understand how the person we are today is shaped by the person we might want to be at some point in the future. The technique incorporates oral history interviewing and creative methods, including future-oriented biographical maps, photo-elicitation, story-telling and postcards sent to a "future self".

This workshop is run by members of the Austerity and Altered Life-Courses project, based at the University of Manchester. In this workshop, we show how, with this combination of approaches, Oral Histories and Futures can facilitate rich, profound, and powerful narratives about the future. During the workshop you will collaboratively learn to use the methods that we have designed for our research project on young people, austerity and lifecourses. Given the versatility of this methodology, we would like to share and showcase its potential in different contexts.

You can learn more about the Austerity and Altered Life-Courses project on our website. Further information about the Oral Histories and Futures method can be found in this short guide.

You can also find out more about Liz, Santiago and Laura's work by visiting their profiles.

This is an in-person workshop and will take place on campus at University of Manchester. It is open to all, whether you are from University of Manchester, another academic institution or from a non-academic setting.

As we will be providing tea and coffee please only register if you intend to attend. And please ensure you cancel your place via Eventbrite if you can no longer attend - to avoid catering waste and allow others to register for a place - thank you!

All images are by India Joseph, Moon and Moth studio

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