Westport Community Gathers for Annual Town Hall Christmas Tree Lighting Monday, Dec. 4, 2023

The annual Christmas tree lighting takes place at Westport's town hall on Monday, Dec. 4, 2023 at 5 p.m.
A group of carolers from Staples high school, known as the Staples Orphinians, sing Christmas carols in front of the tree lighting audience before the official lighting ceremony. The Orphinians sang a variety of the infamous, traditional Christmas carols, such as a jazzy version of "Jingle Bells," "Deck The Halls" and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas."
The Westport community awaits for the official lighting of the town hall Christmas tree with a countdown from ten.
Cheers and claps emerge with awe, as the enormous town hall Christmas tree lights up after the countdown. Many admire the tree's beauty that lights up the sky.
Jen Tooker, the first select women of Westport, announces that they will be freely handing out candy canes, and serving hot chocolate during their annual ornament making workshop, taking place at the Westport Museum for History and Culture.
A woman from the Westport community offers candy canes to the public crowds after the tree is lit to spread holiday cheer.
Westport community members of various ages begin to accumulate in the Westport Museum for History and Culture, for the holiday workshop taking place after the annual town hall tree lighting.
The ornament making workshop is set up for anyone that would like to craft holiday decorations, with a fee of $5 per group or family.
Faculty of the Westport Museum for History and Culture have a hot chocolate stand set up for the ornament crafters, as they warm up pitchers of free hot chocolate.
With a set up to craft your own ornaments, the Westport Museum for History and Culture is decorated with Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations in one of its rooms to host the ornament making workshop.
Sophie Hill '24 volunteers to help assist the holiday crafters in creating their ornaments.
A variety of materials are offered for the community to uniquely craft their Christmas ornaments, such as beads, pieces of felt, string, hot glue to glue pieces together and more.
Men, women and children of all ages participate in the post one-of-a-kind ornament workshop. The ornament making workshop prompts the community to connect for the holidays, spread holiday cheer and decorate their homes.
Participants are given the choice to choose from various festive ornament shapes, including Christmas tree shapes, snowflake shapes, gingerbread man shapes, snowmen shapes, Christmas wreath shapes, circles, stars and other shapes. Materials such as pom-pom balls, markers and more are provided to decorate them.
"We're doing ornament making for some families that went to go watch the Christmas lighting," Sophie Hill '24 said.
Holiday ornament-making contenders help themselves to the free hot chocolate provided by the Westport Museum for History and Culture to enjoy during the activity.
Faculty of the Westport Museum for History and Culture mentoring the holiday workshop bring out more pitches of sweet hot chocolate for the community to enjoy while participating in the event.
"This is wonderful for the town. The museum does great things for the town," _name_ said. "And they don't take any money to...you know- they have a wonderful lot to use."
"They do everything on their own," _name_ said. "And they just got done the beautiful brand new barn."
"It was really wonderful to see everybody together at the Christmas tree lighting," _name_ said.