Lifehacks: Fitness Edition By: Hunter Rhee

Working out can be hard. You might not have time for it, or not know where to start. Nonetheless, with these simple life hacks, you can become healthier than ever!

#1: Use Everyday Objects as Weights

Some people might not have easy access to workout equipment at home, or they might not have a gym membership. To get stronger without weights, try using random, everyday objects at home to add to a workout.

Rating: 5/10: Weight is variable and not enough to build consistent muscle. While it could be a good short-term workout, it's not good enough for you in the long term.

#2: Do more on your downtime

Whether you're gaming, reading, or listening to music, chances are you're sitting down most of the day. Incorporating more activity during your downtime can make a big impact on your overall health. Try moving throughout the day to keep yourself healthy.

Rating: 10/10: It's a great and easy way to move throughout the day. It can keep you productive, even when you're not doing much.

#3: Meditate Before Bed

With the situations of today making our lives increasingly more stressful, there's not a lot of downtime for one's mental health. There are tons of ways to keep calm, but some take way too much time. Instead, try meditation before bed to help you feel calm before you go to sleep.

Rating: 9/10: Meditation works well to help calm people down. It's even better when you're about to sleep.

All audio credit courtesy of Pixabay.