Nuacht Litir Nollaig


School Closure for Christmas Holidays

School will close for the Christmas Holidays on Friday 22nd December at 11.45 am. (Infants will finish 10 minutes earlier at 11.35am)


Enrolment will open for the new academic year 2024/25 on January 8th.

SSE School Self Evaluation Review

As part of our school's SSE process we are currently reviewing our Homework Improvement Plan. Following consultation with our PA we have designed 2 review surveys:

We would be most grateful for your perspective on your child's homework. Please click the relevant button above to complete the survey. If you have a child in both the junior and senior end of the school please complete both surveys.

Afterschools Activities in New Year


A number of classes have reported cases of headlice. Please find advice below on how to treat headlice using Bug Buster.

Step Into Christmas

Santa's Visit

Santa will pay a visit to St Brigid's on Thursday 21st December and our Christmas Raffle will take place on this day also. A big thank you to our PA for organising the raffle. Paula's office is bursting with wonderful prizes!

Christmas Jumper Competition

Upcoming Christmas Performances:

"Wriggly Nativity"

"A Christmas Carol"

"The Littlest Christmas Tree"


Just a note of thanks to all of the teachers and SNAs for their hard work in organising and producing Christmas plays, videos and performances!

All Things Active

Festive Fun Day

On Wednesday 20th of December we will have or annual Festive Fitness Fun Day. The children will take part in some festive activities which will include Santa's Frisbee Postbox, Bauble and Spoon Races, Icicle Hockey, Tinsel Tubes and some more fun festive games.

Run A Mile with Santa's Smile

On Friday 22nd of December, the whole school will "Run a Mile with a Christmas Smile!" Dressed in their Christmas jumpers the children will run laps of the whole school grounds.


Swimming will commence for Ms Farrell's 1st class and Ms Delany's 4th class in the new year.


Cycling will start for 5th class students in the new year also. Please make sure permissions are given on Aladdin prior to commencement.

Senior Stuff!

Spanish in St. Mary's

Mr. Kieran's and Ms. Quinn’s 5th classes have been heading over to our local secondary school, St. Mary’s, learning lots of new Spanish vocabulary and phrases in classes. The girls have really enjoyed immersing themselves in a new language and have learned so much over the four weeks. We are so appreciative to St. Mary’s and all their kind staff and transition year students for taking the time out to educate the girls in a new subject and for making them all feel so welcome.


Although as an educational body we strongly advise against getting your child a mobile phone for Christmas, whereby students will be getting phones we encourage parents to take time to engage with the content on Webwise.

Please also note, as per our updated mobile phone policy, students who need to bring their phone into school must first request permission in writing from the Chairperson. Notes can be given into Paula. Failure to request permission can result in the child's phone being confiscated until collected by a parent.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!