Severn Leadership Group 2023 Annual Impact Report

The Next Generation of Leaders

The SLG Program has been the catalyst for my transformation into a truly evolved human being and leader. With its consistent touchpoints and emphasis on deep introspection, the program has challenged me to transcend the conventional notions of leadership and strive to become the best possible leader for my team. This journey of personal growth has been profound, equipping me with the tools and mindset necessary to navigate the complexities of leadership with intention, empathy, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

- Arabia Shanklin , 2023 Fellow, Military and Defense

What an amazing opportunity to explore oneself, the team, leadership, and the synergy of the three. If anything, if more leaders followed this model, we would have a better world. The opportunity is worth the investment

- Aaron Carr, 2023 Fellow, Engineering

This program will change your life. The clarity and purpose of the SLG leadership virtues had an immediate impact both personally and professionally. SLG isn't just a leadership program--it's a movement.

- Justin Carroll-Allen, 2023 Fellow, Education

It is a major platform for increasing self development/ awareness to prepare for bigger things and most importantly provide a basis for character-based leadership.

- Bob Young, SLG Certified Mentor, Military and Defense