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Welcome! Deep Gratitude and Love for your precious Presence.

So the simpler we can arrive, with simplicity, then it's easier to sink in. If we come as the meditator ,who has an agenda and history of meditation and what that looks like. And a strong identification as the meditator, this becomes an obscuration to the actual sense of just being still without expectation or agenda. It's a simple arriving. One is alert, and intentional in their way of showing up. But it's also a relaxed simplicity, like an out breath. Or just, you know, you come home, you sit down, ah, I'm here, I'm right here..
With this orientation, we can then relax out of the assumptions and beliefs and conceptualizing that we've maybe been attending to, and begin to notice where attention is. And how we can freely and easily, very simply move it. We can move the attention. And with that recognition, and with this relaxed, alert, orientation, (gentle, easy,) there is the opportunity and the invitation to rest the attention in spontaneous, effortless, spacious, Presence. That is the source of all. It is that which is neither coming nor going but simply is.
And of course, the attention is used to following things. So that can be a little bit tricky. But if we remain devoted to the openness and the agendalessness, (relaxed, easy,) but vitally here, alert, curious; then we can just begin to practice allowing the attention to rest. In something that does not come and go. It can't follow it, it rests as That, the spontaneous presence. And the mind begins to calm, becoming more and more an avenue of loving awareness. An avenue of awareness, rather than a former of belief and desire and division.
So it's quite simple. In that, there is not a lot of method. But it also is very powerful. And not in the sense of power in opposition to another power. Or power over something. But simply the power of spacious awareness consciously becoming the field of being. Becoming the body of existence. So we arrive in a simple and easy way. Sit here for awhile with our peaceful friends, and allow the attention to relax out of believing and into spacious awareness.
Morning Meditation, Feb. 9 2024

Morning Meditation for Peace

Mondays and Fridays from 6:30-7:15 AM, Pacific Time. Contact us for the ZOOM link.

You can find many morning meditations with pointers for disentangling the attention from habituated thought here: Morning Meditation Pointers

Exchange your cleverness for bewilderment--Rumi
"In the wake of spiritual realizations, the sense of separate identity often tries to reassert itself by grabbing on to clever psychological narratives and practiced defenses. These patterns of conditioning, although they mostly feel burdensome and heavy in the body, give a temporary, false sense of security because they are familiar. Conditioned narrative gives the ego a bone to chew on, an occupation. But when we are able to let go fully into the undivided moment of realized uncertainty, fully leap into each moment of vast mystery, then what had been experienced as fear of the unknown begins to naturally transmute and unfold into a direct sense of cellular celebration. A fresh, pristine, potent vibrancy that is beyond emotional and circumstantial comings and goings. Joy without cause. Joyful abandon. Whether one is drinking tea, mowing the lawn, in the midst of relational confusion, or pain, there is a precious wholeheartedness that is beyond reason and explanation. It is a homecoming. A reunion of Mother and child. Sitting in the lap of the ever-arriving, ever-giving moment of Creation as She-Who-Rises dances the world of expressive beauty into existence. "
Jennifer Tyler - The Wisdom of Joy retreat, 2024


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Oh, to gather in Love, with gentle kindness, what more ?

Equinox Sunset, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Evening Gatherings

An invitation to sit and relate together in contemplation and recognition of Life's Mysterious Origin.

via Zoom and in person at Heartbeat Wellness, 6-8pm PT

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A safe and intimate place where you can give voice to the heart's unfolding. As the mind/body/consciousness shifts and evolves in response to spiritual realizations, it can be stabilizing and comforting to have a safe place to express yourself. With an understanding guide that can assist you in finding your unique way of expressing and embodying the transformational process of spiritual awakening. Through sacred conversation, spiritual inquiry, guidance and intuitive healing the session encourages resonance with the potentialities of spiritual unfolding, wholeness, awakening, transfiguration, emergence, growth and discovery

I am excited to be offering in-person as well as Zoom sessions. Giving voice to one's journey is a vital aspect of the realization process. Over the years I have noticed that almost every session begins with "I don't know what to say and I don't know why I'm here." And almost every session ends with "I'm so glad I came." MORE INFO



The Wisdom of Joy retreat

with Ani Lodro

May 3rd-6th 2024

Vajra Vidya Retreat Center, 3203 Camino Baca Grande, Crestone, CO 81131

In deep gratitude for this retreat with Beloved Ani Lodro


via Zoom and in person at Heartbeat Wellness

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Silent retreats with Jennifer Tyler


The Way of Love Silent Retreats

In beautiful Cove, Oregon, Ascension camp is a quiet, peaceful facility devoted to "time apart". It provides an inviting, peaceful and supportive container for inquiry into life beyond self identification, transmutation of the separate self and the Heart of Being.

May 30- June 5, 2024

Registration at fullcirclefamily.us

More information

Fall 2024 dates have changed related to scheduling conflict at the retreat center. Please note that Fall retreat will be October 8-14, 2024. Registration TBA.
In the fullness of right here right now, unmediated by the narrative of time, there is direct KNOWING of Oneself as uncaused Love. Original Love and Beauty. Love without opposite or object. Love beyond circumstance and the will to control or compensate. Its the purity of existence as it arises from the Unknown, the Hidden One, the Dark Radiance, Life’s mysterious Origin.
Jennifer Tyler

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is springing.

The Beauty of Costa Rica Retreat 2024
The Beauty of Winter Retreat at Vajra Vidya
The Beauty of Fall 2023 retreat

Enlightening Up

Right here, right now we are whole, indivisible and essentially free. The fundamental Love that we are, is not far, distant, separate or unavailable. It is infinitely, eternally abundant and the essence of all expression. Willingly give into this peace, this inner silence. In the discovery of uncaused Love there is a responsive immediacy of wisdom and compassion that is beyond the stories, causalities and descriptions of the thinking mind.--- fullcirclefamily.us

Jennifer is moved to be a guide in the remembering and inhabiting of the essential nature, uncaused Love. Her joy is to be of service in sacred togetherness and communion. Lending Presence, whole-heartedness and compassion to one's unfolding evolutionary/involutionary journey through: private meetings for spiritual-inquiry, group silent retreats, online discovery courses and evening gatherings.