A Testimony By Nour Morsy

During this semester we had the privilege of hosting The Stag x LitSoc Creative Writing Competition. At the end of November, and the end of public voting, we were happy to announce our very own Nour Morsy as the winner. Here is her winning poem.

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Today I stand as a beholder of truth and horror

I shall consider myself lucky to speak

Some have lost their bodies and others

They’ve lost their dignity

Only one generation ago you swore this would never happen again

It was one lifetime ago, that I watched you renounce your friends

Today you bring me here to renounce mine

As if history has no eyes, as if

You think I am too young to remember

Except terror is not fleeting as a cup of coffee

Anguish is generational and children

Hold divine rage in their bodies

What’s the criteria for suffering? One your honour may allow?

How much longer does pain have to nest in a chest

For you to realise birds will not come fluttering out?

Do the names written on the back of hands mean nothing?

With every atrocity you swear to never again let it happen

Except you’re the one found devising the plans

You ask me to condemn but

I charge you with crimes against humanity

If you even know what that is

I will never forget what you did

The streets you paid to remain squalid

And the raining hell you funded

I will never forget the agony I witnessed

Oh dear paragons of virtue

One day the souls of the martyred will haunt you

They may never forgive the silence

No matter how many times you beg

Or how much you swear you’re brimming with guilt

Today I stand witness, as I have stood all my life

To the devastation and the suffering

The dehumanisation and lurking

It will not go unnoticed

I noticed… and you may never live it down