West Leigh Juniors Weekly News 22nd MARCH 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week, it has been wonderful to catch snippets of the Oliver Jr! rehearsals. The show is really beginning to take shape, with some extraordinary vocals and talent - I cannot wait to see the children perform after the Easter holidays as I know we're in for a real treat!

We're also looking forward to seeing the egg box competition entries next week. Don't forget to send these in on Monday - all entrants will receive a prize.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Best wishes,

Cheryl Woolf

Executive Headteacher

Diary Dates

New dates in italics

March 2024

  • Monday 25th - Learning Conferences
  • Southend Diving Talent - Year 3
  • Oliver Jr! dress rehearsal
  • Tuesday 26th - School Nurse session for parents
  • Wednesday 27th - Learning Conferences
  • Essex Cross Country Finals @ Garons
  • Samba Workshop
  • Oliver Jr! dress rehearsal
  • Thursday 28th - Coastal Schools (4G)
  • Year 5 Field Study @ Belfairs
  • Oliver Jr! Dress Rehearsal
  • Forest Schools Club session 2
  • Last day of term
  • No After School Club
  • Friday 29th - GOOD FRIDAY

April 2024

  • Monday 1st - EASTER MONDAY
  • Tuesday 2nd - Friday 12th - EASTER HOLIDAYS
  • Monday 15th - Class Photos
  • Tuesday 16th - Netball @ Shoeburyness High - 3.30pm - 5pm
  • Writing Workshop with SHSG
  • Year 4 Parent Stay and Play Session @ 10.15am
  • Wednesday 17th - Tennis festival from 12pm
  • Thursday 18th, Friday 19th & Saturday 20th - Oliver Jr! Production
  • Thursday 18th - Year 3 visit to Old Leigh @ 9am
  • Friday 19th - Year 5/6 Aquathlon
  • Saturday 20th - Year 5/6 Aquathlon
  • Monday 21st - Girls' football match @ Bournes Green
  • Wednesday 24th - Year 5 Trip to West Stow Village
  • Thursday 25th - Year 5/6 football friendly @ Chalkwell
  • Forest School Club - Session 4
  • Friday 26th - Year 4 Field Study @ Adventure Island - 8.30am - 2.30pm
  • Padel competition @ Garon Park from 12.30pm

May 2024

  • Thursday 2nd - Danbury meeting for parents @ 2.15pm
  • Forest School club - session 5
  • Friday 3rd - Maths Quiz Club Area Heat
  • Year 3/4 Girls' football @ Len Forge from 9.30am
  • Monday 6th - Bank Holiday Monday
  • Tuesday 7th - Adalah Care Home visit from 1pm
  • Wednesday 8th - Year 3/4 Quad Kids @ Garons from 9.15am
  • Year 5/6 Quad Kids @ Garons from 12.30pm
  • Thursday 9th - Creative Dance Festival @ Alleyn Court from 12.30pm
  • Forest School club - session 6
  • Friday 10th - Year 3/4 tennis competition @ Garons from 9am
  • Year 5/6 tennis competition from 12.30pm
  • Monday 13th - Friday 17th - Year 6 SATs Week
  • Thursday 16th - Ilam Hall meeting for Year 6 parents @ 7pm
  • Monday 20th - Friday 24th - Year 6 Awesome Art Week
  • Monday 20th - Bikeability Week (6A & 6W)
  • Tuesday 21st - Year 5 presentation to parents (5J & 5R) from 2pm
  • Wednesday 22nd - Swimming Gala @ Garons - 12.30pm - 3pm
  • Thursday 23rd - Year 5 presentation to parents (5K & 5F)
  • SEESMA Area rehearsals
  • Thursday 23rd - Mersea meeting for Year 4 parents @ 7pm
  • Friday 24th - Year 5 Poetry performance to school
  • Year 5/6 Rounders competition (B/C) @ Thorpe Hall from 9.30am
  • Year 5/6 Rounders competition (A) @ Thorpe Hall from 12.30pm
  • Monday 27th - Bank Holiday Monday
  • Tuesday 28th - Friday 31st - May Half Term

June 2024

  • Monday 3rd - INSET Day
  • Tuesday 4th - Friday 14th - Multiplication Tables Checks
  • Tuesday 4th - Bikeability Week (6D & 6P)
  • Adalah Care Home visit from 1pm
  • Wednesday 5th - Parent Council meeting @ 6pm
  • Seesma rehearsal and concert @ Cliffs Pavillion
  • Monday 10th - Friday 14th Years 3, 4 & 5 Test Week
  • Tuesday 11th - Late Book Look (6pm - 7pm)
  • Wednesday 12th - Borough Sports - 12pm - 3pm
  • Thursday 13th - Friday 14th - Year 3 Residential to Danbury
  • Thursday 13th - Transition meeting for Year 4 parents (7.30pm)
  • Monday 17th - Music workshop Year 4
  • Tuesday 18th - Year 3 Induction Meeting for Year 2 parents from 7.30pm
  • Thursday 20th - SSPA Southend Gotta Dance @ The Palace Theatre from 7pm
  • Sunday 23rd - Girls' Choir concert @ Plaza from 3pm
  • Monday 24th - Friday 28th - Year 6 Residential to Ilam Hall and Southend Week
  • Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th - Year 6 Transition Day (King John)
  • Tuesday 25th - Super Sports (track) @ Garons from 4pm
  • Wednesday 26th - Super Sports (field) @ Garons from 4pm

July 2024

  • Tuesday 2nd - King John Transition morning
  • Adalah Care Home visit from 1pm
  • Friday 5th - Year 6 Transition Day
  • Monday 8th - Fun Swim Week
  • Wednesday 10th - Meet your new teacher day
  • Thursday 11th - Open Evening (4.30pm - 6pm)
  • Monday 15th - Year 6 House Team Swimming Gala
  • Friday 19th - Last Day of Term
  • No After School Club
  • Monday 22nd - INSET DAY

Year 3

It has been another busy week in Year 3. We would first like to extend a big thank you to all parents/carers for their ongoing support and to those adults who came to help the children with their sewing. We have now completed our ambrosia carriers and the children should be very proud of their efforts. We witnessed lots of enjoyment, perseverance and support for each other whilst sewing. The children enjoyed reflecting upon the process when evaluating their product and also considered what they have learned and how they might apply this to future projects.

In our Layered Reading lessons, the children planted some seeds and, as a small group, created and performed a magical chant to aid the seed’s growth: just like the character of Demon as he tried to save the Hydra!

On Monday afternoon, Year 3 participated in a variety of sporting activities at Belfairs fields. It was great to see the children’s enthusiasm whilst taking part in javelin, sprints and throwing howler rockets and tennis balls.

As part of test week, the children have completed test papers in both English and maths and they have worked extremely hard. Please note: due to test week, spellings will be carried over and tested next week.

We look forward to seeing you all next week for our learning conferences. Have a wonderful weekend.

Letters sent home this week

Year 4

As mathematicians, the children have focused on money, considering how it links to decimals and place value. They have used a variety of strategies to solve money problems, noting the importance of including a £ and decimal point as part of the answer.

Our focus in English has been on non-chronological reports. The children have used a variety of sources to research information about the Romans, including entertainment, gladiators, Roman baths, toys, games and races. Next week, they will use their notes to write their own report.

The children have continued to embrace our Layered Reading story, The Roman Quests, Escape from Rome. They have studied new vocabulary and have used powerful, emotive language to describe a ‘Magical Moment’.

In science, the children have demonstrated their knowledge of States of Matter by producing an informative poster complete with all the relevant facts they have learnt.

It was 4E’s turn to visit Leigh Beach for Coastal Schools this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their pebble pets and shelters. The designs were very imaginative.

The entire year group went to Belfairs fields on Thursday afternoon to practise a range of athletic activities, including sprinting and throwing. They all enjoyed the experience of working together to improve their skills.

Year 5

Year 5 have been cooking this week following their work on food hygiene and safety. They chopped and fried, stirred and simmered to produce a wonderful concoction of chocolate chilli. Hopefully some of it will reach you so that you can taste this culinary delight and evaluate it using our star evaluation sheet.

The children have worked hard on their tests this week and to work off some of their pent up energy, headed to Belfairs Fields on Friday where they were set a number of sporting challenges by Mr Markham.

In science, the children researched and compared the life cycles of two different categories of animal.

Letters sent home this week

Year 6

In maths, our Year 6 pupils are advancing through their revision program, building upon the foundations laid and addressing areas for development highlighted during the recent mock SATS. With diligence and determination, they are mastering complex concepts and problem-solving strategies, preparing themselves meticulously for the assessments ahead.

Likewise, in English. based upon detailed analysis of grammar, punctuation, and spelling (GPS) papers, they are actively honing their language skills. Additionally, through their Layered Reading lessons, they have delved into the text, developing their understanding of literary devices and structures.

In science, the pupils have applied their creativity and scientific knowledge. Tasked with the fascinating challenge of designing their own fictional animals, they have unleashed their imagination to conceive creatures endowed with remarkable behavioural and physical adaptations. This imaginative task not only nurtured their scientific inquiry but also their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, by contextualising their creations within climate zones and biomes explored in our Connected Curriculum, the Year 6 pupils have deepened their understanding of environmental dynamics and ecological interdependencies, forging meaningful connections across subjects.

Online Safety

Cultural and technological changes have made the experiences of today’s children vastly different to our own childhoods; it can be challenging to engage youngsters in open, honest conversation – especially about more sensitive topics. This, combined with many children’s instinct to avoid “rocking the boat”, can make it difficult to stay up to date with the goings on in their lives.

However, it’s hugely important that trusted adults still offer an empathetic ear and feel able to encourage young people to open up about their day-to-day activities. This guide provides ten top tips for promoting open conversations with children – helping to make sure there’s someone they know they can turn to in times of need.

The National College and Online Safety

We have recently sent out two short four minute videos about online influencers which we would like you to watch. This will have come from hello@nationalcollege.com and sent to the email address you signed up with. You may need to look at your email junk filters to check.

If you still need to sign up to the Online Safety portal, please follow the link https://nationalcollege.com/enrol/west-leigh-junior-school and add yourself as a parent.

Key Notices this Week

School Lunch Booking System: All school meals need to be paid for and booked in advance, before 8am, on ParentPay. If the 8am deadline is missed, children will no longer be able to order lunches in class as this is causing major difficulties with ordering from the Infant school kitchen. If a lunch has not been pre-booked, your child must be provided with a packed lunch that they bring into school with them. If the system does not allow you to book a school lunch, this indicates that your account is in arrears and needs to be in credit. Please also ensure that you discuss the lunch menu choices with your child. Lunches can be booked in advance as far as the Easter holidays.

Easter Egg Box Competition: Many thanks to those of you who have already brought in your egg box designs for the Easter competition. Monday 25th March is the last day to bring in your entries.

School Nurse Presentation: Please note a change to the previously advertised school nurse health clinics, as detailed below:

Year 6 Dragonball

Wow! What an exciting day the Dragonball squad had last Friday. This was the first time West Leigh had entered this competition and it was a definite favourite of Mr Markham's, along with lots of the children too! Dragonball is a hybrid of several team sports. We're excited to give the rest of the school a glimpse of this sport in PE soon. Both the morning and afternoon team had great fun. We've never seen sportspeople smiling and laughing so much whilst competing in such a frantic, fast-paced sport!


Two teams made up of Year 6 girls competed in a Southend Benchball festival on Wednesday. It was the first time West Leigh had competed in this event and what a terrific afternoon the squad had! The teams communicated brilliantly throughout the matches, congratulated opposing teams and cheered their teammates on to victory. The two West Leigh teams competed in a fierce battle against each other to finish the afternoon!

British Science Week Poster Competition

Thank you to everyone who submitted a poster for the British Science Week competition. A selection of these are attached, showing the incredibly creative and detailed posters received. It was wonderful to see the number of ways in which pupils interpreted the theme of ‘time’, including time-telling technologies, evolution, life cycles and life spans.

A small selection of these posters will now be submitted to the British Science Association for the final competition judging.

Inspirational Person

This half term, we have learned about the work of Nicholas Lowinger. At the age of five, he was inspired to help homeless people when he visited a shelter and realised that children had to wear used shoes, which often did not fit well. When he was seventeen, he set up 'Gotta Have Sole' - a charity delivering new shoes to homeless children. We were greatly inspired by his drive to change at such a young age, and his quote: "No one is ever too young or old to help others. Kids don’t always realise that they have the power to make a difference."

Last half term's Showbie challenge was a great success and many children were awarded prizes. This half term, the challenge is to design a pair of shoes to help Nicholas spread the word about his charity. There is a template in the 'Inspirational People' Showbie folder.

Dinner Menu

Week 3

Monday - Homemade Creamy Cheese & Vegetable Wholemeal Pasta - Jacket Potato with Baked Beans, Cheese to Tuna Mayonnaise - Granary Baguette with Cheese - Sweetcorn, Coleslaw and Salad Bar - Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt or Fruit Cocktail

Tuesday - Jumbo Pork Sausage in a Roll - Vegan Sausage in a Roll - Jacket Potato with Baked Beans, Cheese to Tuna Mayonnaise - Corn on the Cob - Coleslaw and Salad Bar - Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt or Fruit Crumble and Custard

Wednesday - Mrs Maddin’s Chicken Ham, Leek and Mushroom Pie, Cheese, Onion and Potato Pie, Jacket Potato with Baked Beans, Cheese to Tuna Mayonnaise - Mashed Potatoes, Garden Peas and Salad Bar - Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt and Fruity Shortbread

Thursday - Homemade Beef and Spaghetti Bolognese- Vegetable and Quorn Spaghetti Bolognese - Jacket Potato with Baked Beans, Cheese to Tuna Mayonnaise - Carrots & Salad Bar - Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt or Fruit Sponge

Don't forget to check out our new online bookshop here.


Please ensure that your child has their full kit with them on swimming days as we will no longer be phoning home for forgotten kits.


  • 3M - Mrs Millham
  • 4B - Mr Boylan
  • 3N - Mrs Nash & Mrs Mitchinson


  • 3L - Miss Playfair
  • 4G - Mrs Garrett & Mrs Nash
  • 4S - Miss Street


  • 3T - Mrs Thompson
  • 5K - Miss Chapman
  • 5R - Mrs Lewis


  • 6D - Miss Fletcher
  • 5J - Mrs Wilson
  • 5F - Mrs Flower


  • 6W - Mr Dunn
  • 4E - Mrs Rodger
  • 6P - Miss Poysden
  • 6A - Mrs Mears

PE Lessons

Please ensure that your child is wearing their full kit on PE days as we will no longer be phoning home for forgotten kits.

Second Half Term:


  • Indoor PE - Wednesday
  • Outdoor PE - Thursday


  • Indoor PE - Wednesday
  • Outdoor PE - Friday


  • Indoor PE - Tuesday
  • Outdoor PE - Friday


  • Indoor PE - Tuesday
  • Outdoor PE - Thursday


  • Indoor PE - Tuesday
  • Outdoor PE - Thursday


  • Indoor PE - Monday
  • Outdoor PE - Thursday


  • Indoor PE - Monday
  • Outdoor PE - Thursday


  • Indoor PE - Monday
  • Outdoor PE - Wednesday


  • Indoor PE - Friday
  • Outdoor PE - Monday


  • Indoor PE - Friday
  • Outdoor PE - Tuesday


  • Indoor PE - Friday
  • Outdoor PE - Monday


  • Indoor PE - Thursday
  • Outdoor PE - Tuesday


  • Indoor - Thursday
  • Outdoor - Tuesday


  • Indoor - Wednesday
  • Outdoor - Monday


  • Indoor - Thursday
  • Outdoor - Monday


  • Indoor - Thursday
  • Outdoor - Tuesday


Congratulations to 5F who achieved the best attendance this week, with 98.3%.

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