Illuminating Women's Soccer on Media Day The womens varsity soccer media day photos

The women's Varsity Team has started the season off strong, in comparison to last year. Last year, their record was 6-14-7, and this year, 7-2-4. The team is already one win ahead of their total winning record of last year. December 1st-2nd, the lady bearcats placed fifth in the Harold Young S Tournament. December 8th-9th, the lady bearcats placed third in the Cat and Hounds Tournament. The team of 21 players is composed of 12 seniors, five juniors, three sophomores, and one junior.

Meet the captains:

*Named left to right

Hannah Freygang, 12, Forward

Rylie Helberg, 12, Right Back

Hannah Bourgault, 11, Center Midfielder

Serenity Wulfing, 12, Center Midfielder


Pictured left to right: Ludwika Ledezma, 12, Clowie Tidwell, 12, Makara Bean, 12, Rylie Helberg, 12, Hannah Freygang, 12, Serenity Wulfing 12, Keaira Legian, 12, Gracie Weyrich, 12, Elie Chavez, 12, Lila Collegrove, 9, Alexia Mendoza, 11. Not pictured: Lexie Steelman, 11, Quinn Kobayashi, 10, Angela Gonzales, 12, Zoe Kinder, 10, Maddie Van Pelt, 12, Amayah Buenrostro, 10, Christa Kelly, 11, Ingrid Cabrera, 11, Allison Marble, 12.