Moore Lake Park Construction Update

The Moore Lake Park project will include two bid packages. Bid package 1 contains the redevelopment of Moore Lake Park. Construction activities include grading, parking lot improvements, trail improvements, sport court improvements, and utility work. Bid package 2 contains the construction of a new park building that will be a year-round use facility and will include an enclosed, 3,769 SF rentable space with a gathering area, serving kitchen, restrooms, and a storage/mechanical room. On the north side of the building will be a 4,145 SF terraced, covered outdoor gathering area.

Site Logistics Plan

Construction Activities

Bid Package 1 - Site Improvements - WSB & Associates (Site)


  • Shade Structure Installation
  • Footings for screen walls
  • Site cleanup around building


  • Shoreline grid
  • Screen wall installation
  • Final sod and seeding

Bid Package #2 - Oertel Architects (Building)


  • Exterior building cladding
  • Decking installation
  • Exterior lighting
Decking Install
Floor Polishing in progress


  • Deck railing installation
  • Final cedar installation
  • Floor polishing



  • Construction Days Lost to Weather This Month: 0
  • Total Construction Days lost to Weather: 0


  • Lost Time Days: 0

Project Team


John Nordby, Project Manager |

Paul Trudeau, Project Superintendent |

Kari Aufrere, Project Coordinator |

Bid Package 1 (Site) - WSB & Associates

Bid Package 2 (Building) - Oertel Architects