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Current Show April 9. – Mai 9. 2024


The video loop "Nautilus" will be shown as part of the DUO-format, at Gleis70 on the 6th Floor.

A collaboration of Barbara Bietenholz_Artist and Laura Ducret_Carpenter

Start building the Base
Gopro camera close-ups

DUO is a new Video screening Format at the Gleis70. Laura and Barbara where invited to participate.

Thanks to DUO, Laura and Barbara got to know each other better and discovered they had a common interest. Simple modular wooden systems were their passion as children. This passion was to be the starting point for their joint adventure. To realise the project, they chose two simple materials: wooden slats from wine barrels and rubber used in horticulture.

The approach to construction was spontaneous, without prior consultation.Being open, understanding each other, working together, giving each other space and accepting different points of view were prerequisites for the success of the experiment.

The iPhone was mounted on the ceiling to document the development of the building from a distance. Gopro's were occasionally attached to the head or hand to capture the different angles.

All in all, an enjoyable experiment that resulted in the creation of the 'Nautilus'!

"Nautilus" is located outside on the 6th floor terrace. You are welcome to visit, touch or simply admire it.

"Nautilus" is somewhat reminding of the vehicles of Jules Verne. Airship or underwater vessel ... or? You decide!

Previous Exhibitions Selection

Meltdown of Tradition

2020 –2022

2020 –2022

Over several months, I observed and documented photographically how the "chocolate bunny" melts in the sunlight, solidifies again in the cold and rain, loses its shine and, when the heat returns, tips over, collapses and becomes unrecognizable as a "chocolate bunny". Only to become recognizable again as a two-dimensional silhouette on the table during the final "meltdown".

The original documentary work gave rise to another, formal one. Towards the end of the melting process, archaic forms reminiscent of flesh or entrails emerged. By isolating these forms, their dramatic statement is intensified.


Excerpt from the recording of the melting chocolate bunny.


Barbara was born in Zurich, Switzerland.

She studied at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK and continued her education in France at the Ecole National Supèrieur des Beaux Arts de Paris, where she specialised in printmaking. She then studied fine art and illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA, where she received two bachelor’s degrees.

She attended the School of Visual Art Summer Programme in NYwith Jerry Saltz and Robert Storr and studied in Salzburg, Austria with Sandro Chia in painting and Andreas von Weizsäcker in monumental paper sculpture. Barbara works as a conceptual, site-based artist. Mediation is an important part of her practice as well as inter- and transdisciplinarity. Painting continues to be an essential part of her work.


Studio: 3.05 Hermetschloostrasse 70 8048 Zürich Switzerland