Big Head Mode Minnesota Vikings


Following wins the photo team edits photos from the game of our players and enlarges their heads. Along with players being included in the gallery sometimes other elements to the story of the game get a big head as well, for example a bird that kept flying onto the field during the Las Vegas Raiders game.

Big Head Mode brought in a total of 184,918 views overall galleries for the website. Each gallery averaged 30,000 views. On socials it received 3.25M impressions and 190k interactions.


The process begins during pregame warm ups and follows through the conclusion of the game. The photography team starts taking photos and sometimes makes mental notes of photos that could be a good big head. Postgame someone on the photography team looks through all live transferred photos for the best options and opens them in Photoshop to edit the Big Heads.


There was a dedicated push notification for every Big Head Mode gallery that gets sent out the morning following a win. It is sent targeting our Top News, Videos & Photos segment in the Vikings mobile app. On average 2,000 devices would open the dedicated Big Head Mode push notification. Each gallery received an average of 30,000 views.