Computational Photography: Learn by building your own camera. Spring 2024 ECE 5960/6960; <lons.utah.edu>

In this project-based course (ECE 5960/6960), we'll explore the shift from human-centric to machine-centric camera systems, such as those used in self-driving cars, robots, and autonomous drones. The emphasis is on learning by doing. You'll work in small teams to:

  • Build a Camera: Learn the fundamentals of camera construction.
  • Apply Algorithms: Implement algorithms to enhance or analyze images.
  • Develop Object-Recognition Algorithms: Use machine learning to enable your camera to identify objects.
  • Experiment with Specialized Cameras: Explore various types of unconventional cameras, including lens-free, multi-spectral, & depth cameras.

The course is designed in a hybrid format, with sessions taking place both in the instructor's lab and via Zoom. All necessary materials, such as optics, sensors, example code, and notes, will be provided. While prior experience with Python or MATLAB is beneficial, it is not a requirement for this course.

Instructor: Prof. Rajesh Menon. rmenon@eng.utah.edu